LGBT Rainbow Flags have been raised at Naval base in Clyde

LGBT Rainbow Flags have been raised at both HMNB Clyde and Royal Naval Armament Depot (RNAD) Coulport to mark Pride Month.​

Keep it steady, full steam.

I believe that Putin is happy.



War Hero

Union Jack

Trust that some of you are duly impressed by the fact that there appear to be no fewer than three ramrods standing stiffly to attention in the main photo.....



It's a new recruiting drive promoting the Royal Navy's main attractions to new joiners - rum, bum and gramophone records...
Raise the Jolly Roger(ing) and slice the mains'ls. All hands to buttocks!
its a flag..... so what
to the best of my knowledge there are no laws or anything else (other than religion) in the uk that discriminates or seeks to segregate the LGBTQ+ etc community - in short, there is no reason to pick out any segment of our society for special treatment and therefore why do people feel the need to force upon everyone Pride/Black/female/Male etc etc months/events ? - I couldn't give 2 monkeys what colour, creed, religion, sexual orientation anyone is and my only wish is that we stop playing one upmanship on grievances and just celebrate our Nationality under which we are all equal
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Exactly. I'm sick of having gayness rammed down my throat.
Who cares?
Do you have a comment to make? What’s your thoughts on this story?
I'm impressed. Only 20 year ago the ban was lifted. No doubt that RN is one of the most able in the World.


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