Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by sniper9, Oct 26, 2010.

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  1. Iam going on my A qual in a couple of weeks, what type of pens and kit will i need to do my traces?
  2. Don't they do joining instructions any more?
  3. yes they do bell end, but how many have you had that are crap and just cut and pasted from another courss
  4. Colourful pens, maybe a pencil and a rubber. Ohh and a ruler as well.
  5. must have taken you hours to think of that, ot were you taking a break from wacking off over the trannie para.

    thanks for the advice i will now go out and buy some "colourful" pens. *********
  6. Sniper, are you sure you shouldn't get loaded onto an anger management course first?
  7. He might also need to go on a spelling course.
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Or more usefully....

    12" metal rule, not plastic. If you have plastic, you will take nicks out of it with your scalpel and it will be no use.
    Flexi-rule for arcs
    Good quality fine drawing pens - 0.25mm will be ideal, 0.5mm a bit too thick. You can get disposable ones for under a tenner.
    Ditto propelling pencils. They need the lead to fit tightly into the nib so the plastic cheapos are no good.
    New, clean, good quality eraser
  9. I like him, he has resurrected my affection for the term 'bellend'..
  10. cheers duke

    and the best come you can come up with is rip me about my spelling. Tried anger management but it pissed me off so i left.
  11. Sniper9 you should have said in Brunei I could have given you templates, oh and yeah what duke said and maybe some masking tape, the decorating kind to stick your traces/ templates to map boards.
  12. Why don't you ask one of your mates.

    Oh Right, I see.

  13. In addition to Dukes advice, I would bring:-
    a spiral bound A4 note pad for all the lecture notes
    coloured pencils for sketch maps
    different hardness drawing pencils, 2H, HB etc to suit your drawing style
    a box of A4 Acetate for RASP/EASP sketch map info layers
    compass with an adjustment wheel for neat L109 marking and protractor - tech drawing kit

    If you are really keen, you can scan the individual Sennybridge ranges to JPEG format then take a colour printer to reproduce them for area in general maps.

    WH Smiths has all of this stuff and is a quick trip down town away, you avoid paying through the nose at the shop on camp and it gives you a reason to get out of Dering Lines (not that you'll need one)
  14. You're a clumpet. I've never been on a course where I was expected to bring something that wasn't listed on the joining instructions. Judgeing by you immature reaction to some of the posts, I would guess I've completed a fair few more courses than you.

    Sniper9, is that what you hope to be when you grow up? Maybe you haven't got joining instructions because the course is for NCOs and not insolent little ******* turds.
  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    Have you done the LFTT course, or are you just in full on gobbing off mode today? If you have, fine - why not help the bloke out. If you haven't, why not just leave it alone?

    I have done the course, and the JIs are only reasonably useful. They tell you to bring drawing equipment for traces, sharp pencils etc. Unfortunately, they don't give you the real detail of which bits will make the unbelieveably frustrating task of drawing and redrawing traces and templates over and over again that little bit easier. I took the stuff on the JIs and ended up going shopping again to get the bits that you really need.