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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by wellyhead, Jun 21, 2011.

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  1. Question, anyone done this recently and knows exactly what quals you get off it ?

    Its my understanding is all you get is the "E" qual not the "A" which is understandable due to the short nature of the course, the question I have though is why is it a min sub SNCO with "B" qual ?

    A JNCO in the TA can do the Range Safety Supervisior course which is 10 days and gives you both "K" and "E", the LFTT - TA is 12-14 days. is this right ? what else do you get if anything from this course ?

    Thanks for any help provided

    Oh and yes I have searched and no the PSI doesn't know

    Edited to say: I have no fecking idea why the titles are in lower case !!!
  2. Not done it but I was under the impression LFTT TA was the C and D qual course.

    Just checked and that's what Pam 21 says too.
  3. JD150 is right, it's all in Pam21. Which doesn't reflect too well on your PSIs.
    Don't think "A" is higher than "B" than "C" etc. Once that was true but that was when there was only A (LFTT in now speak, Stages 4 & 5 then) and B (LFMT / Stages 1 to 3). All the rest have been added later and aren't in any order.
  4. A is non static, and quals you for kinectic movement sections attacks and such like, dems, and some weapons FFR and suchlike.

    B qual is for gallery and barrack ranges and is fixed shooting
  5. It's all in Pam 21, which is the master doc.