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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by wellyhead, Jun 21, 2011.

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  1. Question, anyone done this recently and knows exactly what quals you get off it ?

    Its my understanding is all you get is the "E" qual not the "A" which is understandable due to the short nature of the course, the question I have though is why is it a min sub SNCO with "B" qual ?

    A JNCO in the TA can do the Range Safety Supervisior course which is 10 days and gives you both "K" and "E", the LFTT - TA is 12-14 days. is this right ? what else do you get if anything from this course ?

    Thanks for any help provided

    Oh and yes I have searched and no the PSI doesn't know

    Edited to say: I have no fecking idea why the titles are in lower case !!!
  2. I should ring up SASC TAG UK, up in; they are the font of all knowledge when it comes to dismounted live fire training. I have always found them very helpful, whenever I have had obscure queries on this sort of thing (sorry, I don't have the number).
  3. TA LFTT you will gain the SA (C)(90) & SA(D)(90) Range Qualifications. To go you already need to hold the SA(B)(90) and possibly the SA(E)(90) not 100% on whether you need the SA(E)(90) as it may get awarded on the course if you don't have it.