LFTT B quals acting as Safety Supervisiors

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by wellyhead, Jan 11, 2012.

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  1. I have heard quite a few times that B Quals can act as E quals on F&M at the CO's discretion, is this actually true as I can't find any mention of it in PAM 21

  2. Pretty sure SA(B) 90 Allows you to act as safety staff on LFTT, I remember doing it on Junior Brecon. SA(A) 90 Enables you to run LFTT.
    Any range nazi's clarify this?!
  3. I've done safety on LFTT but only with a) a dispensation in place from the CO as mentioned but also b) a bit of training by those with the proper quals.

    Maybe 'b' was a nice to have though. Not sure on the regs.
  4. SA(E)90 for range safety staff on LFTT. However a CO may sign off current competent pax if there is a valid reason. It was in PAM 21 a couple of years back, but I don't have a copy here.
  5. Thanks guys, the issue I am having is finding the bit in PAM 21 that specifically states this
  6. Try Pamphlet No. 21 Regulations for Training with Armoured Fighting Vehicles, Infantry Weapon Systems and Pyrotechnics - Ch2 Section 2 and Section 3. It lists all the quals and should refer somewhere in there what the score is with CO's Auth. There is a sample Auth Certificate as an Annex as well I seem to remember.
  7. As far as I'm aware B qual is static range only. To do safety for LFTT you must have E qual.
  8. I seem to remember that you could have personnel authorised by the CO to act as Safety Sups, as long as they were trained to do so by a suitably qual'd person. Haven't got a copy of Pam 21 to hand, but IIRC it's in the chapter dealing with qualifying courses etc.
  9. Thanks Dygbi, found it, I went straight to Section 3 as i thought it would be there and didn't think to look in the General Section (Section 2)

    Interestingly it doesn't state you have to hold any qual it simply states

    It then follows with a raft of info one how they are trained and supervised

  10. That's correct, you can get the CO to authorise anyone you (he/she) feels would be capable. I always used range Qual'd (B) to authorise to (E) and J/SNCOs who were not qualified to authorise for Safety Sup on static ranges. I also ran a 3 day course, day in the classroom and 2 days on ranges (inc dry trg), before I got the CO to sign off the authorisations. Touch wood, always worked out fine and I never had any issues safety wise with the range staff.
  11. Are you talking about the Fire and Movement test which is conducted on an ETR? If so the RCO qual is B and Safety Sup is B or K as per the AOSP. can find the page if required

    On LFTT on field firing then the safety needs E and RCO A

  12. Mk, you can Saftey Sup on LFTT as a 'B' qual.

    As stated above, if you are trained by an 'A' qual and signed off by the CO.
  13. Mid-90s, I did a TAG(N) course that was effectively "stage 4"... (TLFTT) and extended my B qual so that I could run the IBSR and individual CQB ranges.

    I'd have to look at the course report to see whether this was a qualification, or a course that allowed the CO to authorise me...

    ... the downside was that I to put the whole of a UOTC through an IBSR. Gibber. Still, no-one got shot, no-one got charged, and no-one got punched. Result.