LFTT and the SA(A)(90) qual

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Hartman, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. Can someone please give a definitive answer to this as I have had many conflicting answers:

    Can a TA soldier, who perhaps has the time and inclination to attend the Live Firing Tactical Training All Arms course (Pam21 Ch2-14 Para0240 Ser1c), hold the A qual?

    There seem to be various opinions such as:

    1. TA cannot hold the A qual regardless.
    2. TA cannot attend on the LTFF All Arms (assuing there was a place) as it's a "regular course"

    My view is that if a TA soldier is able and willing to go on a "regular" course he should be able to hold the qualification that the course gives.

    One army and all that.

    Many thanks
  2. This has been discussed at length during the annual RTC SAA update.
    The definitive answer from SASC(V) is as follows:

    Point 1. A TA soldier with former regular service, who held the A qual during his regular service, continues to hold the qualification as long as he is ‘Current and Competent’ to do so.
    Point 2. A TA soldier may attend the LFTT course and gain the same qualifications as his regular counterpart providing his unit can prove its requirement and can gain a place on the course. (Point to note, TA priority is lower than whale shit for this course with any reserves being placed on the course well before a reservist would be offered a place!)

  3. Thanks.

    I understand the point about priority and the ability of TA soldiers to get on various courses.

    Perhaps there should be one course and one qual? I am sure the few TA people who do the LFTT short might very well be able to put the time in for the extra lessons to turn that C qual course into an A qual. Oh and the regs would be able to go on it too!

    Reg course I understand is 4 weeks Mon - Fri = 20 days. LFTT short is 15 days straight through over two weeks.

    Having some A qual TA personnel would be of great benefit to the very small number of PSIs with the A qual.

    I just wondered if there was an official ban on TA holding the A qual as the SASC people at Brecon recently thought there was.

  4. I did SA(A)90 as a TA subby by going on a 4 week course with the Rocks. Apart from probing questions on my sexuality from my unit, I got to hold the full-ish, Pam21-wise. Very useful it was, too.

    There didn't seem to be any bar to holding the qualification provided you held the minimum rank. Mind you, that was in nineteen-harumph, so might have changed.
  5. I concur with the above, with the enphasis being on ‘Current and Competent’.