Lezzers - God Bless them! Air your views here!

Discussion in 'Now That's What I Call NAAFI Bar' started by cernunnos, Mar 21, 2007.

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  1. Last night I shagged a Lezzer up the Ricker. She couldn't pay her rent.

    Does this mean I'm a puff, or worse, a rent boy??
  2. No it just means she's prostituted herself and your a seedy man who shags brasses.

    Did she have a shaved head and tats?

    Did you spaff all over her dungarees or just in her face?
  3. It means you are a beasyly Cad!

    Welcome to my world!
  4. No, she had a box like a rag-mans coat and more rivets through her nose than the Titanics Keel.

    I lost my mess in a region far from her face. The dungarees were in the wardrobe I think.
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  5. Something not right about this...

    Sure you didn't just watch this in a porno???
  6. I think the word you are trying to discover is rapist.
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  7. Her idea not mine!
  8. Good show! did you convert her from lezzerism into a hetrosexual harlot,
    or will she be back to bean flicking?
  9. Have you cured her?
    cos every erm...'documentary' I've seen shows that lezzers get cured when they take a mans winkie!
  10. was she a good lessie like in the films

    or a bad one like a Jo Brand Looka like
  11. And then did her friend from Sweden join you (possible called Helga), after turning up unexpectedly after vollyball practice, and then the 'pool repair man' fell out of the wardrobe, stroking his 'tache???
  12. I think you need to get rid of the Beta max machine and get some modern Dutch snuff!
  13. I don't know if it cured her. I guess I'll know if she pays up next week!
  14. Lesbians! Don't you realise that for every pair of daggas there will be two more men looking for straight fanny? Lesbians up the competition for girls, gentlemen. They are bad.

    Male homosexuals are great because they reduce competition for girls. So knobby gays good, no knob gays bad. Bi-sexuals just complicate the analysis, a bit like all-rounders in Wisden...
  15. My Bold

    Christ, how far behind in the rent was she???