Lexus RX300 + Strange brake problem

I've just got myself a very low milage 2002 RX300 with only 42k on the clock, full Lexus service history and fully specced. One previous owner (the Surveillnce Group!) and all for 5k :)
Anyway, for that price I expet to pay another 1k to fix problems, and so far, so good, however after replacing all of the brake pads (the [ads were quite worn on the rear and I though I might as well know were I stand with them all, so had the front done as well). I now have an intermittant problem where once teh brakes have warmed the front RH wheel will bind should you try and pull away with gentle revs. On tickover its fine as well as using high revs. Just that a moderate amount of evs will result in the FRHS wheel binding considerably for a few seconds before releasing. Any suggestions as to what the cause might be?
Tis' a smashing ride :)
Take it back to whoever did the brakes for you and ask them?
It's quite common to upset the pistons when removing old brake pads -they can become "unseated". Take the pads out and get someone to apply pressure to the brakes and off and see if the piston retracts fully. You get a lot of salt build up that can get lodged, try and clean it. Also check your wheel bearings. Just jack up the car and give the wheel to make sure there isn't excess wobble, if there is, the right amount of torque going through the wheel will cause it to bind.

if it's more serious you'd be looking at servo issues or ABS/Stability ?(electronic) issues.

Failing that get it into a decent garage that has history with dealing with Toyota’s/Lexus – if you go to a dealer they’ll rip you off!


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Torch the Plastic Lunch Box of Nippon, claim the insurance and buy a Defender like you should have done in the first place.

Hope this helps?
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