Lewis Hamilton - Tax Exile

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by PoisonDwarf, Oct 29, 2007.

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  1. The snivelling little prick has sold his country out after a mere year of fame and decided to move abroad to a tax haven.


    It hasn't even taken that little fucker a year of fame before he's decided to piss off to a tax haven. He's worshipped by lots of sports fans who applauded his "down-to-earth" nature and now he's repaid them by fucking off with all his pots of cash to richer pastures. I bet our slimy fame-whore government still awards that traitorous little cunt a fucking OBE or higher.
  2. Well said, nothing to add you've covered all the points.
  3. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    P_D, and I bet you wouldn't do likewise. He does nothing about creating his image. The media has done that, he just tries to play a straight bat and fulfil his agenda for success.

    Fair play to him, because I would do the same. Get fcuked in your own country, leave...... get breaks elsewhere - protect your earnings. Why does that make him a traitor? Does it make him a target for a Government that jumps on the nearest bandwagon for 2 seconds worth of publicity? Yes - but that is not Hamilton's fault.

    I respect him for being talented, commited and successful - fair play to him.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    I thought he was leaving because the of the vacuous culture of 'celebrity' which has infected the peasants of this country and means that he cannot even go for a piss without some chav asking for his autograph.

    On man's 'worship by sports fans' is another's 'daily embuggerance by chavs'.

  5. I think he should be applauded for moving, anyone would if they could afford to! I certainly would!

    why would you want to stay somewhere that is filled with immigrants and benefit scroungers who are just straining our economy!

    Good Luck to him!
  6. Of course,he will also be able to do the things,that he can't do in the UK,like go out for a drink and a meal with his friends and family,yeah right!

    Bollox,this little tosser has been feted by the British media for a year,he declines to give tv interviews on the grid (he's Chillin out?),like other drivers,says he doesn't want to win the title by default,gets pissed of when his team mate congratulates the new champion.

    His talent,has been nurtured by Mclaren,for years,I would think there are any number of young drivers throughout the world,given the same backing could have achieved the same as him!

    PS,Hill didn't bugger off to sunnier climes,Hamilton is a self centred little knobber,who doesn't realise how much has been done for him,and has chosen to alienate a large proportion of the British Public! :roll:
  7. Bugger so I should stop chasing him for his phone number then?

    To be fair to him, he has just got on with his 'job' and not courted the media too much, it just so happens he is young, good looking and good at what he does so the media love him. I think most people if they had the kind of money he suddenly aquired would look in to ways to give the gobment as little of it as possible!
  8. How much is he worth...im sure he'll be back when his dosh starts to run dry...
  9. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    He will come back to Blighty for the next British F1 Grand Prix, or maybe when comes to collect the BBC Sports Personality of the Year.
  10. fair play to him, he has juornos camping out side his house. saw him in hitchin town centre with a wave of people following him and taking pictures and he look like he was with his dad and grand-mother. he doesnt get a break when ever he is home he get followed, his big boss told him to do it when he first started. his dad still lives here and im sure he will be visiting the area (hertfordshire) often to see his family.
  11. good on him, why should he stay?
  12. The rest of us mugs live here and get screwed for taxes to pay our fair share of the NHS, police, fire service, vanity wars, prisons, the welfare state etc. But the rich fcukers who can actually afford to pay their own way refuse to do so. That means for every spoilt little tax exile brat millionaire who leaves, we pay a bit more proportionately. It's nothing to do with getting followed 24/7, he simply wants all the positives of fame and riches but refuses to give anything back to the people who pay into his obscenely bulging paypacket.

    If he moves there, he should no lnger be considered British and shouldn't get honours and awards by HM The Queen or other stuff like British sports personality of the year etc. And if he can afford for his family to fly over to Switzerland by his private jet presumably they won't be using our health service and other good old british facilities? I always knew that "down to earth" persona would slip as soon as green took its hold.
  13. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    P-D, your choice is simple then. Be an expat and don't pay like 1000s of others or stay and suffer it. Being an expat does not automatically mean that your are not British but you do get tax breaks but you can't vote.

    So that is what he is doing - there is nothing wrong with - you would do it if you had to pay more wouldn't you? Or would you just transfer your assets overseas? Or would you allow Gordon to take a pound of flesh from you?
  14. No shit sherlock, the rich people who can move out of this shithole do so at the first opportunity....................

    So what?

    If they can afford it why should the put up with all the crap that living in this country entails!!

    And how the feck do you know why he's doing it??

    Unless you know him you're just talking out of your backside, pure guesswork. If I was in that position I'd fecking move as well, it would drive me crazy having every sodding moment of my life filmed and photographed to go into the shitty pages of the gossip rags for all the numpty celeb obsessed people to read.

    Good on the fella for getting out and not being one of the stuck up numpty celebs.
  15. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    HH2 - said it better than I did. Thanks.