Lewis hamilton rock star

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fattwat, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. It would seem that boy hamilton has spent the last year in the recording studio.

    Lewis Hamilton recording

    Any suggestions for which songs he'll be murdering?

    Here's a few to be going on with

    Blue Bayou ..Roy Orbison

    The Race.. Yella (i think)

    Drive My car ...The Beatles

    Mercedes Benz.....Janice Joplin

    He's probably giving this one a miss

    Deadman's Curve..... Jan and Dean
  2. My Bold - The Race by Yello!!!
    Yello - The Race (Extended Version) - YouTube
  3. I didn't need to look it up. Yello are my favourite band :)

    Edit to add Drive by The Cars

  4. Drive Safely Darlin' - Tony Christie (Spoiler - it ends badly. Red flagged.)
  5. Ricky Valance - Tell Laura I Love Her

    Rodney Carrington - Pick Up Truck Song

    R Dean Taylor - Gotta See Jane

    Golden Earring - Radar Love
  6. Nicole supports him, but is not getting involved.

    That means he's shit.
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  7. Young, gifted and black.... Bob and Marcia.

    Then followed by two out of three ain't bad... Meatloaf
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  8. Driving In (Someone else's) Car - Madness

    I'm In Love With (Someone else's) Car - Queen

    (Someone else's) Cars and Girls - Prefab Sprout

    Fast Car (With A Lesbian In It) - Tracey Chapman
  9. After his recent performance I doubt if he'll be doing "Bat out of Hell"

  10. Driving in the slow lane would be more appropriate :)
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  12. can I send you the bill for a new screen?