Lewis H - Racism

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bad_Crow, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. Lewis H is apparently saddened by this behaviour.

    Surely they should have been locked up on first sighting!

    Lewis' Family
  2. Yep, then given a sound thrashing as well....quite sure if some a/hole tried that in this country the public surrounding them would surely say/do something. But then again the spanish don't have a driver with the talent of Hamilton, who is surely going to surpass even Schumachers record... :D
  3. Sadly the only answer to the Spanish action sounds awfully like racism!!
  4. There is a general laxity with regards to racism in Spain. See Luis Aragones, who was noticably not cast out into the wilderness of reality TV.
  5. There is anoticiable lack of most things to do with authority in spain, except where there is the potential to make money through corruption. It comes from years of having no fathers!!
  6. Had he been a Muslim, Im sure they would have been executed on the spot for racism!!
  7. As a long time F1 fan this is the sickest thing I have seen in a while, Ive been to a few grand prix and never had a problem of any kind with anyone. The normal ragging of the drivers goes on between the fans but this level of abuse needs to be stamped out by the FIA and the circuit owners damn quick, I wouldnt be surprised if it threatened the future of the Spanish Grand Prix.

    And the Spanish do have a driver with all the talent of Hamilton in Alonso. Last time I checked he also had two drivers championships as well. All this is the result of the feud between Alonso and Hamilton and its about time the two drivers buried the hatchet publicly, a condemnation of this behaviour from Alonso wouldnt hurt either.
  8. Couldn't agree more mate. For quite a few years I lost interest in F1, due to it becoming, shall I say a bit boring and predictable, so I payed more attention to WSB and BSB. However along comes LH and it certainly became more interesting in my eyes and not just cause hes a brit. However I cant help feeling the press and FIA publicity machine may have 'hyped' up the so-called fued between Alonso and LH. Only a cycnical guess mind...
  9. I will agree with one thing and that is the Spanish Authorities are quite good at turning a blind eye to anything not done by an Englishman!
  10. Shouldn't he just ignore it in a dignified way and then kick Alonso's ass on the track. That would shut the idiots up
  11. I suspect this is his plan. He is a young handy lad who will probably br totally unaffected by this. He may even show good public face by laughing it off, then lapping Alonso! :twisted:
  12. Yup I expect he will, rightly so.
    Hope the FIA take some action though as whether you choose to ignore it or not its still completely unacceptable and disgusting.
  13. No feud,Alonso threw his teddy in the corner because he believed his own publicity. He thought that being the Incumbent World Champ,entitled him to an easy ride,and keep the young whippersnapper down Ron!

    Hamilton (I'm not a fan),hadn't read the script,Uncle Ron hadn't read the script,Alonso was the scriptwriter,we'll see how good Alonso is this season,with a car that might not be as quick as his old one.

    And yes if he had any balls,feud or no feud,Alonso should be telling all the SpannerWops,that he doesn't need the support of people like these. :roll:
  14. And loosing an admarda and Empire, well, the bits they didn't flog of to the Yanks!
  15. I don't agree with racism but can't help but chuckle; in this country there is a real paranoia IMO about anything and everything regarding racism and if someone says anything remotely controversial eg the former Tory defence minister, there's a big brouhaha. Contrast this with other countries where REAL racism is evident.