Lewis Gordon Pugh - Environmentalist claims to be ex SAS

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by pettifogger0712, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. Can anyone confirm this? He mentions having served five years in the SAS "in the late 90's...He has already been found to be a bit economical with the truth in local [South African] interviews.

    Considering he was at UCT Law School in 1995, his timeline is a bit off when one considers (I) the residency requirements to enlist [two years at the time] and (ii) the fact that he would have had to serve at least three years in a parent regiment first (unless he was in 21 or 23 SAS?)
  2. Aye it's true.He was on the balcony with me.
  3. ...and me, I was holding Lofty's rope from inside the window, that's why you don't see me on the newsreel...

  4. LOL! You and about 16,000 others :)
  5. Yes he is ex 24 like myself. I remember that he could eat his own weight in kebabs and drink a selection of his own bodily fluids. Top man and a credit to the regiment.
  6. If thats part of the selection criteria, I may be qualified for the job