Levy feels let down and is about to turn on the Labour Party

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hansvonhealing, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. Independent
    Levy 'feels let down and is about to turn on the Labour Party'

    Recriminations over the cash-for-honours affair threaten to cause irrevocable rift within Tony Blair's inner circle

    By Francis Elliott, Whitehall Editor
    Published: 11 March 2007

    Lord Levy has fuelled fears he is about to turn on the Labour Party after telling friends he is furious at the lack of public support from senior ministers.

    The cash-for-honours investigation increasingly threatens to split Tony Blair's inner circle asunder in a welter of recrimination.

    Friends and family of the two key suspects, Lord Levy and Ruth Turner, fought a battle for public sympathy last week as the show of unity began to unravel.

    Now a cabinet minister close to Tony Blair's chief fundraiser has raised the stakes, telling The Independent on Sunday that Lord Levy "feels badly let down".

    "He feels that he has given the party everything. He's helped raise between £60m and £80m for us. Without that money we might not be in government, and yet people are not standing by him.

    "He feels badly let down, not so much by Blair but by others who he feels could be showing a bit more public support right now."

    Downing Street has tried desperately in recent days to reassure Lord Levy he is not being made a scapegoat as the year-long police inquiry draws to a close.

    Mr Blair has told his aides that there is no plan to "hang Levy out to dry", according to one minister with close links to Downing Street.

    "Michael [Levy] might not be everyone's cup of tea but there is a recognition of what he's done in the past. Tony has made it clear that there is not, nor should be, any question of hanging Levy out to dry."

    The peer has been arrested and questioned under suspicion of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice as part of the police investigation into whether honours were sold for cash.

    The only other member of Mr Blair's inner circle to have been arrested is Ms Turner, who was questioned under suspicion of perverting the course of justice.

    It emerged last week that Ms Turner had sent an internal document to Jonathan Powell, Mr Blair's chief of staff, alleging that she was being pressured by Lord Levy to "shape" her evidence to police. Another aide, John McTernan, Mr Blair's political secretary, is said to have given police details of a meeting to discuss peerage nominations at which Lord Levy lobbied for Labour donors.

    Mr Blair made a public show of unity, not with Lord Levy, but with Mr Powell, choosing to walk to a cabinet session at his chief of staff's side on Thursday.

    For months Lord Levy hasbeen publicly silent, but he now appears to befighting back through friends. Yitzchak Schochet, a rabbi at the Mill Hill synagogue that Lord Levy attends, Sir Alan Sugar and David Rowan, editor of The Jewish Chronicle, have all rallied to his defence in recent days.

    "There is a general feeling that this is all about 'get the Jew'," Rabbi Schochet told The Daily Telegraph.

    Some ministers fear that Lord Levy is about to "implode". "If Michael [Levy] were to feel that Tony has left him to swing in the wind over this one he would be a very dangerous animal," a minister told The Times.

    Although most media attention is now focused on whether there was an attempt to cover up a sale of honours, suggestions that police have abandoned the rest of their investigation are wide of the mark.

    A senior figure close to the probe said the issue of whether both main political parties broke the law by hiding donations as "loans" was still "live".

    There's hope still....
  2. Lets hope he hangs slimey b*stard blair out to dry.
  3. I'd worry more about Brown and his attitude to the forces than ol Tone.
  4. I wish he would really let rip and tell all, but some slimy aparatchik in Labour will probably 'buy him off' with a promise that he will not be prosequted.

    Remember, it is 'pals' and 'cronies' who decide who is charged with an offence in Blair's Britain.

    PS. If this man was/is so important and doing so much for Labour, is it conceivable that Blair and, repeat AND, Brown did not know what he was doing? If they did not, then neither is fit to head up a whelk-stall let alone a government.
  5. If he does screw-over the cosy 'New' Labour cabal, will it be racially motivated? Will it be "get the gentile"?
  6. I am sure he not going to be alone. :D
  7. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    He also seems to think it's all a anti-semitic conspiracy and has his American rabbi bleating about it on tv....*shrug*
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Is Levy getting a deal from O.K then?
    Start squirming bLair.....
  9. Anti-Semitic or Anti-Sleaze? I go for the latter, because the former is just a convenient excuse that's irrelevant, tiresome and now becoming a cliche.

    Still. If this is true, it's good news. I fervently hope the baying pack of press hounds don't spoil the whole thing and Blair gets to say he's 'vindicated' because they fouled up.

    Now is the time for extreme caution.
  10. Once again FP I surprise myself by agreeing with you. An over-exagerrated press story on this one and the "There can never be a fair trial" excuse will come leaping to the fore and no bodies swinging from the gibbet. :thumright:
  11. How can he turn on them? I thought they'd done nothing wrong...

    Oh my! you don't suppose someone been telling fibs?
  12. I am fed up with Levy's "this is about the colour of my yarmulkah" defence. Nobody gives a stuff whether he is Jewish, it is to what degree or indeed whether or not he is corrupt. Spin away all he wants, the judiciary will keep this one focussed or lose our respect.
  13. Do hairy ursine creatures defacate in areas populated by large arboreal plants?
  14. I'm surprised we haven't heard the name 'Dreyfus' yet. Geoffrey Wheatcroft tried on the Victor Hugo mantle this morning but was too shy to call his piece 'J'Accuse'. Levy will no doubt at the last moment, slip the country and the noose of justice disguised in one of Shirley Porters dresses bound for a warm welcome in Israel.
  15. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    The country feel let down by the Liabour Party ... why should the Noble Lord be exempt?

    And, frankly, I have never even considered the fact that he's Jewish. He's just one of Bliar's Mafia [ooops ... is that Italian predudice?]