Level upon Promotion

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by AdrenalineJunkie, Aug 6, 2011.

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  1. Iv recently come off the fullscrews board and wonder what level i will start on?

    For the record im on the Higher pay band.
  2. Whatever pay level you are on now add 2% to your yearly wage (thats what you get on promotion 2% pay rise), then look at the pay scales for high band Cpl and whichever is the closest new pay increment (without going below your current pay + 2% total) is your new pay scale increment.


    current pay is £23580.00 add 2% = £24051.60
    pay scales (Not actual figures, plucked from thin air):
    L4 = £23850.00
    L5 = £24320.00
    You will then move to Level 5 as this is the closest without going below your old pay + 2% which would now be £24051.60

    Hope it makes sense and helps.
  3. Pretty much what my clerk said. Thanks
  4. I've just received my first just after the anniversary of my enlistment date, does that mean that I should go up one or two levels??
  5. Promotion to Sgt attracts a minimum of a 5% increase. JSP 754 refers. 2% on all other ranks. The level will be the nearest (above) the calculation.