Level upon Promotion

Whatever pay level you are on now add 2% to your yearly wage (thats what you get on promotion 2% pay rise), then look at the pay scales for high band Cpl and whichever is the closest new pay increment (without going below your current pay + 2% total) is your new pay scale increment.


current pay is £23580.00 add 2% = £24051.60
pay scales (Not actual figures, plucked from thin air):
L4 = £23850.00
L5 = £24320.00
You will then move to Level 5 as this is the closest without going below your old pay + 2% which would now be £24051.60

Hope it makes sense and helps.
I've just received my first just after the anniversary of my enlistment date, does that mean that I should go up one or two levels??
Promotion to Sgt attracts a minimum of a 5% increase. JSP 754 refers. 2% on all other ranks. The level will be the nearest (above) the calculation.
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