level playing field

Will someone please tell me how to get intouuch with mods,so i dont get my posts modified by others than me. And let me get my saddly spelled points across


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You're not even in touch with this planet, never mind being in touch with mods!!!
rose, you fucking bellend.
What hapened wi' T'Latics against Villa?
Bushmills you got me lol
Just heard the score Wigan 0, Aston Villa 2!

Work in PNG, could not put EPL on telly as I work with Aussie blokes and it was AFL and NRL Grand Final weekend.

Just wondered if you had watched the match.

Bad luck or a crap performance?
Does a matter sound the carriage?
Yeah, I'll bite, WTF is going on here? Is it a wah, or am I to be galatically stupid and understand it?

*furiously preparing for incoming*
Dunno mate

I was talking about football with old mate as the nasty Aussies I work with hogged the TV all weekend with AFL, NFL and Rugby and I wanted to find out how the 'latics had got a crappy result.

Not sure about the rest though!

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