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Level 3 NVQ Ware House & Distribution Help

This is usually my forum but the RLC are the SME on this subject. I am trying to achieve my level 3 NVQ in warehouse and distribution but I am struggleing with getting started.

I have my pack and have started to look at potential units but i do not have a mentor. I dont think there is one available in my unit so would appreiciate any help and advice you can give.
There are NVQ centres around BFG. IIRC the main one is in PRB. We have a small set up in Fally. I'd imagine if you spoke to one out here they would just transfer you (or whatever they do) and then you can be administered by them.
Defence Logistics & Supply School........This is where the all candidates for warehouse and distribution NVQs start their process. The guys at the school will be able to give you some advice as to where to go or what to do. Alternatively as the last post said, the guys at the NVQ centre in Gutersloh should be able to give you some solid direction. :D

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