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I am wondering when I will get a pay rise to level 2. I have been in the army fo nearly a year and a half and have not gone up a level. I have been told many things, one being I will go up n increment level once I have completed a level 2 course and done SDC, another is I will go up a level once I have been in the field army/my regiment for a year. Does anyone know the answer. Cheers 8O


Are you positive you havn't had it and not realised? Look at your most recent pay statement, in the centre third box down, under "Spine / Level of max available" what does it say?
Have you had your first SJAR/ACR (Annual Report) yet, if so, what was the grade, a D and below would result in a DIP (Delayed Incremental Progression), however, I have recently started noticing that DIP's are randomly happening to Pay Accounts for no reason, DS, get your clerks to raise a Basic Pay I Support, that was the answer from JPAC.
Assuming you are Regular you should have gone from "New Entrant Rate of Pay (NERP)" to Level 1 after 26 weeks, after tis you should go up a level annually as long as your reports are Cs or above. Speak to your HR Admin Staff (Clerks), they should be able to confirm if you are on the correct level or otherwise then take the necessary action if there is a problem.



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As stated above you will (or should) go to level 2 at the 18 month point. It used to say on the pay statements when your IBD (something something date) is, thats that date you go up a level.
Not sure if there still on there with JPA


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look on your pay statement under AIP. That's the date you go up a level.


If your AIP date has gone by, then you will need to speak to your HRA and they might need to tick a box in the grade set-up (something like that) on JPA, if that box is not ticked, then your HRA needs to tick it. That will not automatically give you your pay rise, you will need to speak to JPAC and let them know you have not had your AIP. I would advise you to send them and I-Support rather then speak to them on the phone, if they can not get in touch with you within 10 days, they will cancel the query, and with an I-Support you can keep an eye on it. Any more advice let me know.

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