Level 1 MATT

Are any units doing MATT training this weekend(18/19 June)? Or next weekend (25/26 June)?
More specifically all MATTS less the physical training, apwt and values and standards?

Thank you
Let me guess, you couldn't be bothered doing them with your own unit in the period 01 Apr 10-31 Mar 11 so they have now agreed to extend your training year and you are scrounging for a unit to pick up the slack?

If I'm wide of the mark it may help if you explain why you want to know....
And why you need them at Level 1

And why you have not asked your SPSI
It's a long and convoluted story but no it's not for bounty!!!!
Funny old thing though I was actually going to include that in the original post, thought I wouldn't need to, naive old me!
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