Leuchars Airshow 2009

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by ZappBrannigan, Sep 12, 2009.

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  1. Just back from Leuchars airshow,cracking weather and great displays from the Vulcan and F16.Not much on the rotary side as the Chinook developed a fault just before its display and Sea King was needed for operational use.No presence from the AAC this year,no Blue Eagles,No historic flight not even any static displays.Was left to the Navy Lynx's Black Cats to put on a show.Is there a shortage of display/static aircraft this year?
  2. Peeps in growbags might be a tad busy. (Not including FJ Pointyheads, obviously.)
  3. I was there today (yesterday now) and it was a great show, as always, and made all the better by a superb show from the Vulcan. Well done to the RAF as a whole: a difficult day to pull off and done so with deceptive ease.

    I was disappointed, though, to see some of the RAF staff not just a little overweight, but in one or two cases more than obese. I’m not nitpicking, but one of these guys was huge! If that’s acceptable these days then okay, (I’m a little fat bugger myself, but no longer serving), but I was more than a little surprised.

    Just an observation, and well done again… :D
  4. If its the ScouseD that I used to know....It didnt matter what size they were he'd still shag them...lol
  5. Nice of the corps to forget all about us up here yet again, just one aircraft would do , just to say look thats what we use etc.... i know manning A/c are tight but.....
    Good show again and not a cloud in the sky.
  6. I was there on the Harrier GR9 selling our wares to the public.

    the vulcan display was awesome! i was with a pilot and he started walking backwards because he thought the vulcan was going to bottom out and fall to the ground just after he took off!