A rabbit goes into a butcher's shop and says "Got any lettuce?"

"Im afraid not" the butcher replies, "I only sell meat. I suggest you try the greengrocer next door".

"Thanks" says the rabbit and goes out.

The next day the rabbit goes back to the butcher.

"Got any lettuce??, he says.

"Look here", says the butcher, patiently, "As I told you yesterday, I'm a butcher, I sell meat. If you want lettuce, try the greengrocer".

"Thanks" says the rabbit and exits the shop.

The next day the rabbit is back again.

"Got any lettuce??" says the rabbit.

The butcher snaps, grabs the rabbit around the throat and says "Listen, if I hear any more of your "Got any lettuce" nonsense, Im going to take hold of your f*cking floppy ears, and nail them to the f*cking wall !!!"

"Theres no need to be like that" says the rabbit, hastily leaving the shop.

Many months pass, and no more is seen of the rabbit until one day out of the blue, he enters the butcher's shop again.

"Got any nails?" asks the rabbit, brightly.

"Er... no" says the butcher, puzzled.

"Good" says the rabbit, "Got any lettuce ?"
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