Letting the closet psycho play her little game.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FatBoyGeorge, Mar 20, 2009.

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  1. Having had a considerable amount of time spent lacking in the usual inspiration required to post in the NAAFI, I had chosen to abstain rather than throw random letters on the screen. But I have now found my mojo in the most unlikely of places; the ex-girlfriend.

    I have time on my hands and I want this to be a good one!!!

    As some of you know I separated from my wife last year and before Christmas I thought it fit to find myself a bit of skirt to pass the time. After not much effort I found a suitable specimen who lived not too far from me. Bring forth a few months of entertainment, which included 6 Nations ticket bought for me as Christmas pressie…… ta very much!!!

    Inevitably I was starting to get bored by mid Feb, especially as I was being referred to as ‘The One’, so it was a simple case of ‘mag to grid’. The last couple of weeks have been a constant barrage of phone calls and texts, majority of which have gone unanswered, stating how I have hurt her and that I have taken everything from her. You know what I’m talking about guys, there’s no need for me to embellish too much on this.

    Except to say that the aftermath came to a climax on the Friday last week when I am told that the ex is pregnant, oh shit!! I know that she has been to the doctors for several blood tests, so I’m starting to sweat a little. Conversations are passed over the weekend and as things went further, 2 + 2 didn’t equal 5. Mainly because it was such a big secret, even from her best friend whom she tells everything. I decided to call her bluff and Monday evening I purchase a home test to take round to hers.

    Couldn’t have timed it any better, as soon as I walk through the door she’s heading up stairs for a pee so I ambush her with the test and watch her walk upstairs looking more than a little bemused. A few minutes later she returns minus one pregnancy test claiming that she couldn’t pee. GOTCHA!! I sit there for 4 hours making small talk watching her drink cup after cup of coffee waiting for her to piss her pants so I can rub the test in the sodden cushions. I left at midnight and she must have been absolutely busting.

    The bitch is no more pregnant than me and I am debating whether the story of going to the doctors, which had been running for two weeks now, has any truth in it at all. This is confirmed by a mate when he phones calls to tell me he’s found out that our ex’s have come up with the plan together, after he’s been snooping on his ex’s facebook account.

    For now I decide to let her play her little game which pays off because the ‘abortion’ is now booked for next Thursday at the hospital. Of course I insist on being there to lend support, which ends up in the date being changed.

    I feel that she deserves revenge taken out against her as she is a mother herself, also because she knows how dedicated I am to my daughter and is partly trying to use that against me. The ammunition that I have at my disposal is:

    Her facebook login details.
    Her home address.
    Her mobile and home telephone numbers.
    A few risqué (non-nude) pictures.
    And the fact that none of her close friends/family know.

    I was thinking along the lines of creating a group on facebook naming and shaming her with a link pointing everyone in the right direction. Plus changing her password and fiddling with her profile to make certain that everyone who shouldn’t know….does. Then after a few days deleting her account altogether. Facebook is her lifeline and this will really fuck her off, sad bitch!

    I know I can rely on the NAAFI to produce the results, but bare in mind that it has to be do-able and wont get me arrested.

    In your own time……..
  2. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Please post 'Risque non-nude' pictures, it might help boost creativity levels in the Naafi.
  3. Good idea, I'll get to it but please be nice to me as she is a bit of a minger.
  4. Post the risque photos on her facebook account
  5. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Just bear in mind that hacking her Facebook account is an offence under the terms of the Computer Misuse Act.

    However, manipulating some of risque photo's in Photoshop and distributing them at random might be a starter fo 10.
  6. Post the photos on here, let the lads and lasses use their creative stylings with photoshop then pick a winner and put it on her facebook account.
  7. Your next course of action should be to:

    A: post photos on here(why have you not done this already :evil: )

    B: Make up fake face book account claiming to be someone from her, old school, work, you get the idea. Post photos on there sharing them around friends and family.

    C: Stick them in her own accounts photo album.

    D: Write her obituary in the local rag, the day it is printed call an ambulance to her house(she must of read the obituary first) Difficult to get to work, but when it does ....... :twisted:

  8. You'll have to wait until I figure out how to attatch the pics, it says the file size is too big.
  9. Flash (on here) is a bit of dab hand with Photoshop.....give him the photos, and then put them on facebook after he's done with them.
  10. Open them in "paint" and resize them. Click "image" at the top, the, "stretch/skew" and shrink them. Tis easy.
  11. www.tinypic.com, upload, then copy and paste the image URL into the pop up box that appears when you click that image symbol in the tools above when your writing a post.

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  13. God she's a BOBFOC!

    She looks like "The Predator"

    I still would though :D
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    and hurry up dammit - I've got the program loaded, I've got some tissues. . .