Letting Scam

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fishfingers, Dec 15, 2006.

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  1. Is there a scam going on that landlords are unaware of?

    When I was letting my property through an agent they took £500 bond of tenants in case of damages at the end of the letting period.

    At the end of each tenancy the tenants would "march out" and that would be the last I'd hear of them.

    However, my neighbors informed me that they were quite friendly with tenants as they came and went and often they were billed for damages etc and money was taken out of the bond.

    I was never informed of any damage and I can't recall any repairs being carried out before new tenants "marched in". A bit of a scam developing I think. How many agencies are billing out going tenants for repairs that are never carried out?

    Any simalar experiences out there?
  2. Letting agents are even further down the food chain than estate agents so nothing would surprise me. A letting agent's greed and incompetence cost me my house.

    22- own house.
    37 - rented flat and no prospect of getting my own place.

    I wouldn't entertain using one.
  3. My company rents property for some staff where no mess is available. No matter how squeaky clean the properties are left in, the agent invariably finds reasons to make deductions.

    On one occasion they charged for 'tidying garden to appropriate standard' - £150. When I asked how this was possible since the property was a flat in a block with no garden, and in any case the lease specified that common parts were not the tenant's responsibility, it was dropped - minus a £30 admin fee for cancelling their own spurious bill!

    Bunch of sharks, the lot of 'em...
  4. When I read this, I thought your neighbours had been billed for damages, but reading on, did you mean the letting agents were billing your tenants for damages which you are not aware of? If so, it doesn't surprise me. My dad has a couple properties where the previous estate agents were letting the properties out to their family friends or knew the tenant's dad, aunt, etc. The last set was four 'students' in one house had been repeated late with their rent and when it came down to being 'just' one month late, my dad had had enough and had marched round to turf them out physically.

    After the hour they had to get themselves and their belongings out, not only was the place filthy, we found mobile phones, paperwork and letters in particular one where a student had written to Lunar House pretending to either be my dad or just the houseowner and trying to get his so-called 'wife' (he had said he was single) into the country. Now you know why I described those agents as 'previous'.
  5. Unfortunately most letting agents do seem to be out to make a fast buck. What is the solution though? Anyone out there recommend a good company for sorting stuff out or are they all willing to deduct £150 a month because the tenant has had to call out the plumber after blocking the toilet again!?

    I don't even own a property and I don't like them.................