Letting a guy down gently

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by h301593, Feb 24, 2013.

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  1. Ok, some bloke that I used to work with has told me something interesting. This being that he 'really likes me'.
    Now, with me not being that 'in' to humans with dangly bits what do I say? Hes a nice bloke but I could never take it up the bum.
    Advice on what to say?

    Someone pm jarrod for me.

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  2. You might like it.

    Won't know until you've tried.
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  3. How far do you need to "let him down"? Are there any caves near you?

    Alternatively, you could just drop him out of the office window.
  4. Who says you have to be the one taking it up the bum? Never close down your options sooner than you have to.
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  5. A) hes about 30 years older than me
    B) hes a bit of a tubster

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  6. If there was a cave I would be hiding down it.

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  7. This is sexual harassment you know, this could be an earner if you play your cards right.
    On the other hand, it could simply be a case of spit or swallow.
  8. I think that he is secretly hopeing for a few inches but need some form of approval before he can drop his strides and assume the position.

  9. Ack, that's a shame, mate. Just text "R U JOKING LOL" and feign total ignorance.

    You haven't been leading this guy on, have you?
  10. A simple 'fuck off' should work failing that lead him on right to the point hes standing proud for you and take a photo and put it on here in the So you think you are funny Thread
  11. A question like this in the Naafi?

    Just tell him your Lezzer, he'll soon get the message and move on.
  12. I dont even want to imagine what his weapon might look like

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