letters to Planniing Committee Councillors


Chris Hunt has now invited BlueFORCE to send letters answering the objections only , to all councillors who sit on the planning committee on Webnesday.

I've just posted this in CA


Comments regarding councillors removed, as unhelpful at this stage, especially as I have just been invited to ask you to send your UNEMOTIONAL AND OBJECTIVE letters of support to the Councillors who will be meeting on the Planning committee.


This is an important concession, and is made particularly in this case , in recognition of the work BLUETEAM have been doing in support , and reflects the national interest in the application.

However in this case, we don't need Councillors swamped with letters , but the letters you write may well make the critical difference. These letters should concentrate on answering the objections only , with no reference to the emotional side.

In this instance, I would ask that you send your letters to Moody and Dozy via PM, to enable SSAFA to build an even stronger case.

You may of course direct your letters to any member on the planning committee if you are a local resident , but we'd like to get a reallly good cross section of objective reviews to forward via SSAFA

So best thinking and planning foot forward , I'm sure we can write better letters than the Crabs

Even if it is in Crayon.

We're getting closer and closer, thank you all.
So , letters by PM into Moody and Dozy, and the best ones get sent to individual councillors or Chair.

If there is a better way of doing this, please say so , but I'm trying to avoid "y0U iz alL hARtleSs KanHTS" type replies :roll:
Wurx 4 me M8 will ave 1 2 u 4 the cnuts l8r innit

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