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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by beck2012, Jan 12, 2012.

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  1. Hi,me again the annoying one with stupid threads , last question promise ,has sending personnel letters to Afghanistan to the soldiers been banned ? the following was sent to me .................. you cant send me any letter down here cause its not allowed anymore , sometimes ago its been used as letters bombs by the Taliban .. we lost alot of soldiers to this .. that's why it was banned..

  2. I assume he's met up with you on R&R and you've either put out for him or, indeed, failed to put out?

    Either way, you're merely a photo on a pig board now I'm afraid.
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  3. No, it hasn't been banned.
  4. right so letters can still be sent ?
  5. Just send a package instead
  6. thanks thought so
  7. His letter is what is known in the trade as a 'lie', yes.

    I'm afraid you've been dumped.

    Do you need comforting by a very nice man who would never lie to you about whether you can write to him or not?
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  8. Becky - i feel soldiers are 'new' to you.

    you have much to learn.

    however if you can PM me a pic of your tits i'll ensure it gets to your Chosen Man ;)
  9. nope, he has right on his jumped up posh arse ,.ha ha
  10. very new
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  11. yes please if you find him ,let me know
  12. good girl, you'll go far...

    ...in the block.
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  13. Do you believe everything you are told? Besides - how the **** is a bomb going to be hidden inside a wafer thin bluey? At worst he would suffer a paper cut and the humiliation of having to sit in the corner sounding out the difficult words whilst tracing the lines with his finger.
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  14. i asked the question what about a hand written letter ? thats the reply i got
  15. no i dont ,thats why i came on to check