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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by MuzzleMonkey, Feb 17, 2010.

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  1. Its been a while since i visited the site ,and i feel back to scrooge on my first visit back.

    But does any one have the format for letters of intro.

    Many thanks
  2. msr

    msr LE

    This being 2010 and all that:

    i iz cumin nxt wk, c u l8tr m8
  3. Is there not a thread on this somewhere already? like the OP I'm too lazy to search for it.
  4. I now have plenty of examples if any one needs them
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Stick up a wiki page.

  6. You laugh, but at a Signals Regt, a newly posted sgt (on promotion) wrote something along the lines of "any dramas, ring me on my mobile" on his letter to the CO.

    Bet his arrival chat with the badge was.... illuminating :D
  7. MuzzleMonkey,

    Would you mind passing on any letters of intro, been a while and all that!!

    Many thanks
  8. Letters of intro!!!!! ONE post!!!!! I call WAH!
  9. Since you (not just you, plenty of others too) do not appear to have a clue what a wah actually is.

    your call is not valid
  10. So, what IS a valid wah then?
  11. Is this ARRSE?
  12. Sir, I call you on your call on me....eh!

    Sounds like a perfectly valid "wah" to me. "Would you mind passing on any letters" etc etc. I send him me duty template and recieve in return.... "WAH! I am in fact the London District GSM and been in for 73 years"!

    DOH! :x

    Yup.... totally legit call i think! So bite me. :D
  13. arrsepedia try that for what a wah was anyway, stating the obvious as in a question. i.e pte 2 bellies with paint brush in hand paint tin on floor next to his wet painted 432...."what you doing 2 bellies?"he answers "painting the 432"..... wah

    Maybe it has been watered down with all you youngsters over time..and I am just a grouchy old 'un
  14. The WAH used to be a mark of genius, of a finely crafted plan, perfect execution and devestating humiliation for the receipiant....

    Of late, I've noticed sprogs ruining it, to the point it had to be banned from a wksps as it had got silly and out of hand.

    Every other word was 'wah'. Which, ultimately, led to humiliation on the 'wahee' as in their near suicidal attempts to wah, left themselves wide open to counter wah.

    ie the little wretch made to look utterly foolish for only knowing about Army Green/Black socks and not arctics or EL Reds....

    Other great traditions? The 1/2/5/10 pfenig bet (aka 10/20p bet or 10/20cent bet). Now, when I was taught the game the rules were simple. A challenge was set, if you had the required pfenigs on you and didn't feel like doing the challenge it was sent back to the challenger and they did it. The number one rule being once a challenge was on the table, it would be carried out byeither the challenged or the challenger, it wasselfpolicing sayounever challenged what you wouldn't do yourself.

    Roll forward 5 years, and you have scroats claiming that the challenged must do the bet as that is tue rules :roll: and you end upwith daft challenges...
  15. Sorting out my letters for new unit and heard that there is a new format kicking around, the one I have is from the SCLM handbook dated 2007 is this the current format or can some kind person help me out with pointer to new one ?

    expecting abuse as per the norm.