Letters during Phase 1

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by SporkWolf, Oct 16, 2012.

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  1. Hey
    My parents are searching for an answer to this question, can they send letters during the first 7 weeks of Phase 1 training?
  2. Of course they can. Do you always start a correspondence with "Hey"?

    Be prepared for all your mates to want to read them.
  3. Can they read and write?

    PM me your address, I'll write to you.

    (Please be going to Catterick, please be going to Catterick).

    Sorry Forastero xxxxx
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  4. Ensure they address them to: 12345678 Pte Atkins
  5. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    If you get your parents to address them to Lt/Col or WO1 (RSM) instead of your recruit rank they will get to you faster.

    Worked for a bloke in my troop, he was always doubling about to get his letters.
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  6. No, there is a national blanket postal ban on all forms of written correspondence when you start training.
  7. Just make sure your Mum and Dad don't put money in the letters. Coz some thieving **** will have it away
  8. Bloggs, 1 for you
    Jones, 3 for you, 2 from women you popular ******
    Livesy, give that to Smith
    Wilson, none for you, sit down you ****

    Happy days
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  9. With all the nice replies above I will just add on your joining Instructions there will be your postal address where you add you Name, rank, number ...most Platoon staff will get you to write home anyway and it will be a good morale boost to get letters off family. If you do let Sluggy write to you however she will just send you picks of her ARRSE and her rack...I still have your photos you sent to me in FI on my dart board Slugster.
  10. Nowdays you can lie under your issued duvet and read e-mails off your smart phone. no itchy scratchy for you sir.
  11. You don’t need mail, just phone ya mummy every night from your Corporals military issue mobile phone, he will lend you his, til you get yours issued.

  12. I misread that the first time, I thought you said crack.
  13. That's good then :). Yeh, more or less, seems more polite to start off with a 'hi' or 'hey'.
  14. Yes, they are both literate :) And I'm off to Pirbright, sorry.