Letters after name? GCIA, CEH, CISSP, ECSA, et c...

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by oldgadge, Oct 14, 2012.

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  1. GCIA, CEH, CISSP, ECSA, an ex-signalman of my aquaintance has this lot after his name and I will not give him the satisfaction of asking(because he is a smug **** who can quote manuals) so can someone please enlighten me, and does my B.A. outrank his alphabet soup?
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  2. OK, sheer nosiness on my part made me Google these so-called post nominalise. They're all related to IT qualifications and all of them are professional, not academic. They don't "out rank" your BA by any means. You yourself may belong to a professional body (as I do) where it may be advantageous to list membership as a post nominal. It promotes a confidence in your ability and standing, eg, I'm a Fellow of the Institution of Fire Engineers and my "FIFireE" tells other professionals that I know my onions. Your acquaintance has these post nominals to state he passed an exam/test, but not what his membership level is. In short, academically, they're fairly worthless and you have much bigger bragging rights with a degree, whereas he's still an under graduate. The equivalent of academic walting really! Now go and put him in his place, the eejit!
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    In fairness (I can bet I know who OP is referring to) its become accepted practice simply because of the job market, using the post nominals is a great differentiator and if used correctly will help (to a degree) when a recruiter filters you, or is even scanning something like LinkedIN. Unless they're a tool no-one gets precious about comparing post-noms.
  4. Not sure what some of them are, but each awarding body should state at what level an academic award is, thus the CMI Diploma's full title is Level 5 Diploma etc. A first degree is Level 5, so unless his GCIA is at L5 I suspect you have the advantage. The key to post nominals is that less us more, I have a load but only use my highest academic level (MA) and the professional body membership relevant to my trade. Some of his look like these so may be worth displaying for credibility. I'd be slightly suspicious of someone using shed loads of obscure letters, I might think they were trying to bluff me and that some of them were not very good. Stick with your BA

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  5. CEH is Certified Ethical Hacker, CISSP is Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

    Essentially, he's an extremely knowledgeable cyber-security geek who's passed some very difficult exams. Doesn't mean he's particularly academic though.


    BinaryWarfare (FdSc, Comptia S+, GCSE Maths B Grade, ITIL Foundation)
  6. Quite a few of the SNCO's in my branch have joined the Chartered Institue of Logistics and Transport and are now waltzing around introducing themselves as PO A.Smith CILT/FCILT
  7. Surely thats a typo there NM?
  8. I have alphabet soup, 1st degree, 2nd degree, some diplomas, professional membership and fellowships. When I left the mob I was very proud of all the letters after my name, they undoubtedly helped me get my job, I stopped using them because all the people I deal with have letters before their name!
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  9. The secret is to use the appropriate ones at the right time, if you're corresponding with potential employers use those relating to your trade. State awards from HM take precedence.
  10. The "Chartered Institute" bit makes these entirely legitimate.

    If "C" means Certified, the question is who has certified it, and is it accredited to any particular level.

    Not something that's on my shelf, but I think Debretts covers proper use of post-nominals. Don't know if it includes the more technical stuff. Chartered Institutes have rules and regs for using their own qualifications.
  11. Only an attention seeking **** (like those who use facebook) would put letters after their name.
  12. Rod924

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    Old story of an RAOC Lance Jack who had GSM after his name on his cheque book. Which was nice
  13. i'm told i'm certified, but i dont think they mean letters after my name for some reason?
  14. Define legitimate in this context. Legitimate in that they can collect a membership fee and hand out postnominals? I'm not sure they always guarantee quality in the bearer.

    I bumped into a pre-nominal the other day. 'EurIng' John Smith. He helped me to learn that EurIngs are incredibly dull people.
  15. Some post nominal letters help, as already stated in an earlier post. However in most of the UK, 'certified' is a worthless bag of bolloxs. 'Chartered' is what counts (which is a tightly controlled and fully regulated system).

    Anyone who uses it outside of their professional life is a **** however.

    I'm ACII, FCIM. Nice to impress the sad twats who thrive on that sort of stuff, but most people just care if I can do my job or not.