Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Yokel, Mar 28, 2012.

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  1. If I sent a letter and it could not be delivered (lack of postage) then would the Royal Mail centre open it up, find out who sent it, and send it back? They did when I incorrectly addressed one twelve years ago.

    Sent a letter about two weeks ago - five pages of A4. I put it in a DL (ie third of A4 height) envelope, but did not flatten it. However, it was less than 5 mm think so that should be ok. Or so I thought...

    However, last week I sent a letter with five sheets of A4 via recorded delivery, but the woman at the post office insisted on flattening the letter.

    Should be ok, shouldn't it? It really does need to get there.

    BTW, no drugs or porn or anything dodgy were involved, the contents will not result in being put in prison or a padded cell. It would be nice/useful if they did get to the intended recipient though..

    Posted here as I can't be ARRSED finding a more suitable forum.
  2. I had a letter sent through to me recently with insufficient postage. I received a nice card through the door from Royal Mail telling me so, and that I could collect it from their depot. And pay an additional £1 fine on top of the remaining postage required.

    Couldn't be arsed, if it's important they'll write back..
  3. What will happen is that if the sorting machine thinks that the envelope doesn't have enough postage on it, it will go to the revenue protection people. The recipient will get a card through their door saying that their local sorting office has a letter for them that has underpaid postage. They will charge the extra postage plus £1 for an admin fee. If the person wants it, they go to the sorting office, pays up and leaves with the letter.
  4. Christ I must be having a blonde moment as I can't fathom the reason for the thread. Someone help me...
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  5. FFS Yokel. If it 'really does need to get there' then get off your fat asre and buy a proper envelope, at minimum A5 but better A4. Then, once you have correctly addressed your envelope, writing your (the sender) address on the back (SOP for all mail - didn't they teach you this at school?), take it to the Post Office and ask them how much it will cost. Pay them the required money and then post. Simples.

    And you wonder why they have put their prices up when folk like you can't be arsed to pay the going rate for a letter?

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  6. I had one of those cards a while ago, originally thought sod it, but, went for a look. I turned out to be an important letter from Veterans Agency containing a copy of my PTSD Assessment and a Survey about their service. I enjoyed filling that survey in...............
  7. I think I'll ask at the Post Office tommorow. Then reprint and resend. Might correct one or two typos if they advise sending it again, and lack of folds will make it look better.

    Might explain a lack of replies to my missives.
  8. You really should put more effort into distributing your CV, you know.
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  9. judging by some of the mail I've had lately they will have sorted the letter with one of these


    opened it with one of these

    transported it in one of these


    and delivered by one of these

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  10. They're only really interested in opening envelopes which seem to contain a child's birthday card & therefore may have cash in...
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  11. As it had no porn or photos of your girlfriend/wife/mother naked then i'm not interested!!
  12. Thank feck for that...I thought it was only me who couldn't work it out............:wtf:
  13. 'Simples'. Sadly, no. My daughter sent a letter to my parents a few weeks ago, and enclosed a card and a few photos. She took it in to the local Post Office where it was duly checked and the correct postage affixed. Instead of delivering it, the postie delivered a ransom note demanding money from my parents for the safe release of their package, which they claimed they were holding onto because it was too thick. I feel inclined to send the Royal Mail a parcel bomb, but the cunts probably wouldn't deliver it.
  14. I worked it out,it's just that i'm not sufficiently interested to help.Hope this helps.
  15. FFS Yokel; you make country bumpkins appear intelligent. Go back to your village, you are missed.