Discussion in 'Infantry' started by lsm12345, Apr 7, 2009.

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  1. Guys,

    I need to write a letter to the CO of 2 Scots but I cant find out his name or the postal address of Glencorse Barracks if anyone has this information could u please give it to me
  2. Still at Sandhurst are you? Can't be bothered? Impressive officer material indeed.

    You might want to buy a dictionary prior to writing that letter.
  3. As it happens, I have the details you require right in front of me.

    However, I can't be bothered to assist you.

  4. Well I wish you well on your short career
  5. here

    The Boss
    2 Jocks
    Glencorse Barracks
  6. Google it, you maniac
  7. Thanks. This was a lot quicker and more efficient than trying to track down a clerk whos already on leave.
    I'm glad the army is full of people willing to help each other out.
  8. If you're willing to put some effort in, others might reciprocate. You made yourself come across as lazy and so you got the unhelpful treatment all poor officers get. It's not as if the information you want isn't on the fecking internet anyway.

    I wouldn't harp on about ops if I were you; your military career will be limited to Westbury unless you show some signs of drive and determination. There's a lot of writing to be done as a young officer, much more complex than a simple sponsorship letter.
  9. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    They do actually. :roll:
  10. How about you phone RHQ and ask them, or would that be too trying? Heres the number just in case it was too much for you.

    Telephone: 0131 310 5086

    Email: asstregsec-2@rhqscots.army.mod.uk

    Regimental Headquarters The Royal Regiment of Scotland
    The Castle
    EH1 2YT
  11. Dry your eyes Princess.

    You might want to think carefully before you start throwing around glib comments about the performance and ability of people you know nothing about.
  12. I dont believe that u r an oficer, however i do believe that u r a cunt
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    He has just flagged himself up to his new CO as a bit of a thrapper. How to make friends and influence people, its not like he'll be difficult to identify. Or are we being wahed, theres a higher than normal level of ********* on here recently.

    Edited to say - see above. :roll:
  14. Hopefully his new CO reads ARRSE and is rubbing his hands with glee waiting for the next letter of introduction he gets.

    Oh and "clarks" are shoes, "clerks" are civilian type clerical thingymabobs. I sincerely hope you were not referring to Cbt HR Specialists being on leave, because not all of them are .... yet.