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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by nursienorth, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. I need to write a letter to my CO asking permission not to be somewhere. I know the general layout, but what is an appropriate closer to it. Do i do the usual ' i remain, Sir, you obediant servant'? Or is there something else. The online JSP 101 (i think) hasn't helped much.

    Ta in advance
  2. Why not just ask for an interview and tell him to his face. You'll get your point over better than you would by writing a letter to him.
  3. I'm not asking for anything important...it's just a formality so seeing the CO isn't an option

    And just for the record...I am NOT trying to dodge a tour/exercise/pt session

    Some proper advice would be much appreciated.
  4. Sorry my advice wasn't 'proper'. Why don't you ask someone in your unit like a SNCO or the RAOWO. Maybe they'll give you 'proper' advice.
  5. I've been on unsociable hours so there's been no one to ask!

    I only wanted to know how to end a letter....should've known better than to ask the clerks! :*
  6. Clerk?

    Unsociable hours? Are you on the game?
  7. Yes of course...North Yorkshire has a huge need for QA hookers...lol

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  8. try 'all my love' might brighten his day......!
  9. Why do you need to go directly to the CO? Unusual in my experience unless he is directly in your chain of command.

    If that is the case you are better off playing it safe and using the formal standard. After all, you are asking for something.
  10. If its a formal letter I think this is still used: -

    I have the honour to be,
    Your obedient servant

    Whereas a routine letter carries no valediction, just a simple signature block: -

    (Your signature)
    NURSIENORTH (Capitals)
    Rank (Abbreviated, lower case)

    I'm a little out of touch with letters as we do everything by email now.

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