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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by newts, Jan 28, 2002.

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  1. why is it that the british army has to have its own style of letter writing.  Trying to type up an admin instruction and then getting it check over by the ssm can take hours and for what?  Just to let people they are going to get messed around on ex.  Is all the correct format really worth all the time and effort?  Why dont we do it like every thing else in the army on a POST IT sticky. ???
  2. Sorry to be serious but as someone who has to plough my way through loads of crap everyday it helps if it is all in the same format and properly written. Now you probably aren't interested in making my life easier but if you are ever in my position you'll be glad too!
  3. yes but for those of us in TA who have to use service writing that now breaks conventions of civvy writing its a pain in the arse espically when some jobsworth gets pissed of because the address block on word isn't where the army's service writing one is. Why not save a fortune go to WORD formats
  4. CGS

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    Tsk, tsk...

    As an ex Reg, you should know that SD is there for the purpose mentioned by ok_yah...

    Civilians don't wear DPM uniform (unless they are selling the Big Issue).  Perhaps you wish to ask me for permission to go on a W/E camp in your suit?
  5. I have never heard such a fierce defence of SD before!  Don't forget that there are more than 1 convention.  The whole of the armed forces changed a few years ago (sig blocks on the left instead of the right) but Land decided not to go along with the convention.

    Head Office uses a different version and the 6th floor (now OWOB) use something altogether different.
  6. :mad: As one of those SSM's that heve to check the lads movement orders and Admin instructions I take great pride in my SNCO's producing work that is by the book and top notch. Considering it is going to other departments it just proves that soldiers can do as there told ! (confessed SD Nazi)
  7. ??? It just proves that you do nothing else all day but pick up little faults on the real workers.
  8. Interesting point Newt, but I think you'll find that in most units the 'real workers' can be found in their offices at 6-7pm most evenings not knocking off at 1630.  Now as far as I'm concerned that goes with the territory/pay but it would be nice if people realised that
    Just because you don't see what they do doesn't mean they aren't doing anything.  The vast volume of admin and general arrse that gets dumped onto most officers/WOs/SNCOs these days is phenomenal.  Ranging from the very important; IIP, mid year -appraisals, CRs, etc to the utterly trivial; PDRs, visits, trawls,'returns', etc it just eats vast chunks of time.  Anything that makes things easier- like correctly written letters, etc is to be encouraged
  9. I understand that but what iam trying to say is that if i wrote a letter in my own words and in my own style the message would still get across and in less time, as you wouldn't have to get it checked every two min off the ssm.

    I agree that there is a lot off work goes on behind the scenes and the work load is a lot and maybe one day if i get that high in the ranks i will understand the art of military writing, but until then a yellow sticky note will have to do.
  10. Newt,
            Believe me my SNCO's send all their info to me on a sticky note and thats fine by me but when they are representing my Sqn and sending info across the Regt I want them and me to look dammed good and that can only be achieved by perfection ?. With regards to OK-Yahs mention of hours worked 0600 to 1800 hrs everyday is a pain but it ensures that we (the collective) my Sqn look the best !!!! (in my humble opinion)
  11. ssm,
    Point taken, I think i will just have to try and figure out this letter writing buisness.  Iam sure this will come to me in time, with the more letters i write i can only get better.

    If you have JSP 101 on disk that would help, if so e mail me.

    Permission to fall out SSM!  ;D
  12. :'( Sorry Newts permission is not granted  ??? just remain erect and square to the front until your eyes bleed and regarding the JSP 101 speak to your C/Clk he or she will have a copy on CD which you can burn a copy for pennies ?
  13. OK_yah wrote:  
     Shame that you don't consider the PDR to be an integral part of IiP...'cos it is...  Not that IiP is taken seriously anyway.  It's just another example, in a lot of cases, where something is being done because it is a requirement rather than something that could provide real benefit.....

    and the good old SSM wrote:  
    Dear me SSM, I suppose that you at least admitted that you will end up looking good...that being, IMHO, your motive....  And just how much extra work are you generating for yourself and others in achieving this 'perfection'?  And what's this 'my squadron is better than yours bol*ocks'?  Surely your regiment would gain more from having squadrons that work together instead of this pathetic points-scoring?  Blo*dy annoys me that!  I've done OK during my time and I've done it all without shafting people and fu*king them about to make myself look good.  Here is my utopian thought for today everybody:  Think globally and always of the common aim and try to be altruistic in your dealings with others.... yeah, thats gonna happen!  

    Edited to apologise to Newt for taking his thread off on a tangent  ;)
  14. And what's this 'my squadron is better than yours bol*ocks'?  Surely your regiment would gain more from having squadrons that work together instead of this pathetic points-scoring?  Blo*dy annoys me that!

    Stained you should really avoid reading between the lines because you make a real bad job of it ? There was no mention of point scoring just ensuring that my soldiers look good ! nothing personal but you should get out more ? The amount of extra time I spend red penning my soldiers documents in my own time surely shows me as a good manager not just some point scoring fanatic as you seem so bent on announcing to the world ???
  15. Only quoting your own words...  I've been around long enough to know what you meant and I didn't have to trouble my pretty little head with reading between all of your lines...just a couple, thats all I needed  :)  If so many mistakes are being made then perhaps you should look at what they are and then spend some of your 'own time' coming up with a strategy to combat it.  If your subordinates knew what a mistake was before giving you stuff to red pen, then sooooo much time could be saved and you could get off home a little earlier than now.  That, IMHO, would be far more effective than your current approach....... Thanks for your concern about my social life.  Its fine thanks  ;D