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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by baby_g, Nov 6, 2010.

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  1. I've spoken to my SSM about attending a Remembrance Sunday service at my local war memorial next weekend and while he's happy with the idea has asked me to put the request into writing.

    I normally go back to the main Nottingham service on the Victoria Enbankment but this year is holding a special place as I've been invited to attend the opening of the memorial garden around the new war memorial in Clifton which I helped raise money for by walking the length of Hadrian's Wall.

    I need to write this letter over the weekend so I can leave it in his in-tray Sunday due to me going on a 3 day course Sunday evening. I've been on a course all week so have been unable to ask for help from anyone from my troop but have had a complete brain fart as I've sat down to write the letter.

    Good people of ARRSE could you give me some hint's and tips as to how to write this letter, it's been a long time since I've had to write a letter like this and I really don't want to f**k it up (new SSM and I'd like to make a good impression).
  2. "Sir,
    as previously discussed on........................, I formally request permission to attend the event at...............on............

    I remain, Sir,
    Your obedient Servant
    insert name here."

    I last did Service writing for a living in 1996.
    What worked for me, might not work for you.
    I will not be held liable for any time you spend in the cells.

    Good luck. He's covering his 6 in asking for you to do the same. That's seems to be the way of the World.
  3. Cheers Cloudbuster, I was tripping myself over before I started going down the Sir, I 00000001 Joe Spartan route but that's just clicked the old grey matter in.

    As they say KISS! Thanks again
  4. No worries, and well done for your efforts on the Memorial Garden. Can't see your SSM having a problem with allowing you to attend the event, but he's got to cover his arse in case an adult asks why you weren't at the main event downtown.
  5. that's pretty much what he said when I tapped the brass line and asked if it would be OK. Said I could take this more or less as permission but to put it in writing, then he can see what my writing's like too.

    Put me on the spot a little, as I said a new badge and I'm looking for my second so really don't want to make too much of a hash of it.
  6. Include the line

    " I've been invited to attend the opening of the memorial garden around the new war memorial in Clifton which I helped raise money for by walking the length of Hadrian's Wall."

    or something similar. This will not only pad the letter out a bit, but will reflect well on you. If you can name-drop, so much the better. When your write-up is due, there is a good chance this letter will provide some inspiration.
  7. ..........the new war memorial in Clifton for which I helped raise money by walking etc.........is possibly better grammatically. But I agree, it all adds up come time for promotion.
  8. will be sure to do that guys - thank you again
  9. PM me mate I can email you a request letter you can change to suit your needs, its in defence writing mode, however, it'll probably need red penning.
  10. JSP 101, Defence Writing, Chapter 2, Para 18.If your letter begins "Dear name", end with yours sincerely. If yyou begin any other way, end with "Yours faithfully". All the "I remain, sir, your....." went out years ago.
  11. Me too, and some others stuff.