Letter to the PM

Dear Prime Minister

Thank you for detailing your recent activities concerning the financial situation.

I had to smile a little when I read your paragraph quoted below:

“What I've found is getting into government is a bit like buying a car - it's only when you've driven it for a while, and taken a proper look under the bonnet, that you get a proper idea of the condition it's in.”

What you missed was:

It is still subject to a finance agreement, it has not been serviced regularly and the DVLA records have been lost.

The engine has been swapped for something cheaper, the spare wheel is missing and the toolkit has been deleted to save money. The gold plated door handles have been sold at a knock down price and the back of the driver's seat is covered in felt tip marks.

The outside has been polished regularly and the car has been taken for a spin by Mandy et al.

Footprints on the headlining prove that it has also been borrowed by John Prescott!

Yours sincerely,
You forgot that previous owner was half-blind and never learned to drive

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