Letter to the OC



Hi chaps

I’d like some advice on what format a covering letter to my OC should take.
This is to accompany army form E7547, application for posting or transfer.

Many thanks
"Hello Sir, alright mate?

I wanna posting, but dispite wot u may hav herd, its nuffink to do wiv wot I sed about you in da naafi da ovver dai.

No ard feelings, be lucky

luv Goku"

Should do the trick

Since you became appointed to your current post..........

... I have, therefore, no legal and honourable recourse other than to request a transfer.

Should do the trick.
Sounds like an ideal opportunity to use your trust old friend the DO ( Demi-Official ) letter, as per JSP101 - making any amendments that you know he favours. In my humble opinion the one Milsum has posted is slightly incorrect. I doubt, however, that you would be approached by a mess steward with the mess webley on a silver tray.

In my experience there's no need for it to be handwritten - I'd save that for Formal Letters i.e. "I have the honour...."

Obviously you should chat through your reasons with him beforehand - the letter should simply act as a formality to be passed on to Bn HQ / MCM Glasgow.

PM me if you'd like a copy of the JSP

Fair enough, to be honest it's become slightly warped since it's original format so I'll bin it and start again - best these things are done properly!!


Thanks for the advice guys, it’s much appreciated :D

Looks like my first draft needs some work…

Dear Boss-man

I’m outa here, it’s not me it’s U.
Eat my dust


Aha, trumped by exRAMC_STAB's version. Got email and everything in it, although not templates for texts, or Facebook wall posts.


Some SO3 will be looking into it soon, though.
dear boss

i is not getting nuff respec in tha hood, gonna bust a move to a tribe tha's hip

big up to ya homies
the perfect transfer request said:

It's you or my sanity, and I don't fancy Broadmoor.

Make the right choice.

Believe it or not, this roughly paraphrases a request for transfer I made as a subbie. Worked, too.

God speed,

Don't forget to tie tightly the string securing the letter to the half brick which should be used to deliver the message via his office window.
Goku, has your message been cleared through DGMC?

Having posted here, on a public forum, you should surely first obtain DGMC's permission [after suitable staffing] to release your letter to the CoC.

Copies in triplicate, of course, to "Whatawasteofspace", MB, SW1A 2AB ...

Otherwise, suggestions preceding this dribble sound good to me, especially the pre-warning! Nobody likes being bounced with an un-expected message; a gentle pre-briefing works wonders, honestly.


Thanks to all those who offered help.
My letter was well received, I can now look forward to many months of being feked about by the incompetence of Glasgow before my transfer will be complete :D

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