Letter to Soldier Mag : Ref NAAFI

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Dontdreamit, Mar 26, 2008.

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  1. Yes - but it won't change so bin the letter

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  2. Yes - so send the letter and see what happens

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  3. No

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  1. Just wanted a few thoughts on this before I pop it in an email and fire it off.

    Am I being unreasonable :?

    It's an economical kick in the balls :D
  2. No
    Feck all
  3. The Naafis code of conduct mentions in point one, how they will overcharge because they can. Point two says see point one :)
  4. Do it! Be interesting to see if they print it and just what NAAFI have to say about it.
  5. Add to this the fact that last week I went into the Naafi and purchased a copy of TV and Satellite weekly (cover price £1.35). When I went to the till it came up as 3.10 EUR.

    I pointed out to the till operator that it should be 2.70 EUR and they agreed and reduced the price. Imagine my surprise when I went back this week and it still came up as 3.10 EUR. Once again they reduced the price and I suggested that perhaps they should reprogramme the tills toi the correct price. Guess what, blank looks all round. Wonder how many of those extra 40 cents they have had?

    And another thing (while I'm on a roll) since the exchange rate has dropped from 1.50EUR to 1.28EUR I have not seen one everyday item (tea,milk, bread etc) fall in price.
  6. Why don't you also ask NAAFI why, if you give them a credit card for payment, they convert the Euro sum into Sterling - at their own peculiar rate (probably one to one by now). Present your credit card at the German shop and they charge you in Euros and let your credit card company do the exchange (AFTER ALL ... YOU'VE BOUGHT THE BL00DY GOODS IN EUROS - SO WHY NOT??!!).
  7. Like your letter - but it could do with a bit of tidying up...

    If what you say is true (I left BF(G) a couple of years back) then it's worth a punt to Soldier. However, as you point out, the senior staff officer responsible for the trite answers published will have a get out clause. Here I suspect they might trot out SOFA.

    The theoretical answer? Don't use the fukcing NAAFI. I know the practical answer for the average newly posted squaddie is that there's no alternative but if squaddies are being royally shafted by the NAAFI then Lords / Masters etc might have a go at trying to make REAL / ALDI etc more accessible (how about leting them open on camp?) and watch the NAAFI slowly, surely and hopefully metamorphose into a corner shop flogging Duty Frees.

    One more point, JHQ NAAFI to the PX - that's one helluva tab isn't it?
  8. Oh and Heinz baked beans, tomato ketchup and HP sauce are cheaper in REAL too.

    Got to stop now I'm having a panic attack
  9. It was a reallllllllly good issue of 'National Geographic' :wink:
  10. And a 3 litre smirnoff is 29EUR in Naafi but 19EUR in Naafi run Keller sales
  11. And the Wii's on special ofer for the same (tax free) price as it is (tax paid) in Handelshof
  12. Gotta stop, somebody hold me down
  13. I'm sure I saw a few letters like the one written by the OP in Sixth Sense, Soldier Mag etc when I was in (1998-2005)

    The best one was the NAAFI when they started selling the original Xboxes - I think they were about £100 more than they were in Media Markt. My boss's wife wrote a letter to the Sixth Sense which got published. The reply was basically a load of garbage going on about shipping etc. Although I doubt it's changed that local german shops are cheaper than the NAAFI for everything from food to electronics stuff, anyway.
  14. And the milk's always out of date (if it's in stock)