Letter to My Sister

Summary: This is an email that I have sent to my sister 14 times, and it has been stolen every time. That is almost as bad as the PO stealing my letters to Sarah and Jennifer's parents then sending the troopers to taunt me about having them. That was Trooper Sanbro. He threatened me if I ever tried to contact their parents again. Complained about my mentioning their heads being found in the trash even though that was in the paper. They made him a Captain for serving the murderous ones so well.

Dear Sister, (Since 9/26, I have sent this to you 14 times now! Stolen every time!??)
When they twisted my leg and broke it in Georgetown Med. Cent. 6/3/95, I knew it was the end of trusting medicine. Can't you see that they touch the prostate, they release the antigens, take the blood test, get a high PSA, do a biopsy, and there is no recovery? Labs are separate from the profession to keep this stuff going. They cannot sterilize the rectum to do a safe biopsy to begin with. Carcinoma has allegedly been around for more than fifty years, and it has never been proven or verified, I bet. Anthrax and Ebola are probably being added to medicines to make such stuff happen. If you don't think that what I say is true, please understand that it is coming from the very people who do this stuff. Hitler's Health Care is what I call Medicine. They used the concentration camps to test innumerable chemicals on people and suppressed the resulting info so that the medical profession may prey on people. (PS When you guys went up to Rita's, I asked Johnny to tell her that I heard that Art Wood, her ex-husband, came from Hitler's youth camps. Do you understand that he was probably behind the murder of every single Meade in 65-66? In the 1950s Encyclopedia Brittannica had a formula for making cyanic gas from blueprint paper and acid. It is a favorite method of operation of these dumkopfs along with cyanide salts. Those along with Anthrax, which has been used extensively since Moses, were probably used on every single Meade that died. I have been exposed to such stuff thousands of times. If you don't think that what I am saying is true, why would they block last weeks email nine times? 10/1 I told Mom that Art Wood and company probably got rid of them when they said that they wouldn't tolerate such poopheads.) (10/2 I suspect that they were so riled up about these poopheads because they stuffed poop in Joey's mouth when he was up at Barbara's. That is something that I never have been able to confirm happened, but that is why Joey never did well in school. You have all been convinced to believe that it was something else. Same thing with Daddy's death. Coronary thrombosis was the listed cause. I've never heard or seen that term used anywhere since then, and it certainly sounds like the effect of cyanide on the heart.) 10/4 Cousin Joe died in the hospital on a respirator, and they would only remove it when he attributed his condition to smoking. That is a favorite method of operation of theirs. Do you remember Art Wood on his white horse? That horse was dead when he got it. I also lost my hearing to acid onslaught by these Nazis when I was a kid. Before they died the Meades took me down to the Brackney Inn to meet Nicky Exarchou who lived there for much of the sixties. Nicky even went to Daddy's wake, but no one seems to remember that. When I was held up at State Hospital, Nicky had them putting acid in the air 24 hours a day for 6 or 7 of the 15 months that I was held there; plus when he got permission to inject me, they injected me five or six times a day until I couldn't walk. (9/27 Consider offices telling patients to bring their medicines so that they may be confiscated and destroyed if they are having the desired effect; thus you can't prove what was in them. I have also heard that the labs are full of poopheads. As for the prostate scenario, they dump calcium chemicals on people and that causes urgent urination, which leads to digital exams. The body has to eliminate excess calcium immediately. Even though it surrounds the urether, I bet that the prostate has nothing to do with urgent urination. They probably block my letters to you so that they can use this stuff on you and your husband.) Love Bobby

From St. Louis com. BobbyMeade Post subject: Nice of You All To Come and Worship Posted: 02 Oct 2007 15:49 pm

BobbyMeade wrote: The USPO is a covert homosexual organization.

Reply: No they're not. If they were a covert homosexual organization, they wouldn't be wearing those stupid knee socks and tacky shorts. Trust me on this.

Bobby: If you keep talking about psychiatric medications, I'm going to tell you about Nazi Death Doctor, Nicky Exarchou and that will probably be the end of you!

Haakon Post subject: Re: Been Worshipping Stupidity, Heh? Posted: 02 Oct 2007 16:06 pm

Paranoid schizophrenia is the most common type of schizophrenia in most parts of the world. .... Disturbances of affect, volition, and speech, and catatonic symptoms, are not prominent.

Post subject: You Asked For It
Posted: 02 Oct 2007 18:36 pm

As I have written, psychiatry is a bogus profession full of emptyheaded reasoning, founded on the administration to clients of cocaine, opium, and methamphetamines. It's all bull. Nicky Exarchou has been practicing as a psychiatrist specializing in electroshock with the license of a Greek thoracic surgeon, Exarhos #418-02 since the first Bush administration. Before that he was practicing without one. He brought Hitler's Storm Troopers to the US and formed Secret Service, the private army of the Bush Nazis that now probably numbers 130,000 plus all the cronies they employ. Nicky is the illegitimate son of Supreme Court Justice Brandeis, the father of Zionism and looks just like the wilder pictures of Brandeis. Nicky was on the Judenrats of several cities during the Holocaust, particularly Krakow, which ceased to exist as a town when that happened. The French Connection was based on Nicky Exarchou, for his billions have long been in narcotics and that is why they never showed who the French Connection was. Secret Service does the same, transporting suitcases of narcotics, for the Head never knows what the Tail is up to and vice versa. Tootsie is based on Nicky, dressing in drag. The Granada Corporation, the largest corporation there ever was, was founded on Nicky's Holocaust earnings. "Let me take care of your money while you get in this boxcar." He himself doesn't know who he is, how much he is worth, or where he came from. Foolproof plan? Bush Daddy says that Nicky is worth trillions! The WTC buildings were knocked down within hours of my posting Messiah Tootsie? Messiah Exarchou? There Ain't No Difference Between the Two! on worldwide Indymedia. The Virginia Tech shootings were in response to my writing about him again on 2/19. The VT shooter immediately went out and bought his guns. The whole Serpent moves when you get me to write about him. Good luck Haakon! Bobby Meade

From Endicott Forum Topix: Who in hell is putting multiple copies here? Nicky? Let me tell you that the first time I met Bush Daddy was in the early sixties on the corner of Chestnut and Leroy. He was passing out Green Bibles in order to score smack from Nicky. "Need a hit boy?" They liked that Bible because it didn't have the number 666 in it. It was written out in prose, i.e. the number. That Bible also had the tribes of Gar and Gan added to Revelations. In spite of that, that edition, 1963, I think, was the best interpretation of the Holy Scriptures there ever was. It also had the biggest damn map of Judah that you have ever seen.

Ithaca Forum Topix: I have a "Marco" on Milwaukee IMC complaining about my posting 30 copies of an article on worldwide IMC in 2001. This happened because of the number of hackers harbored up at Cornell from where I was posting and that was the only way to get through; but once one got through, they would let them all through and say that I was spamming site. Does Cornell still require that a student own a laptop or their own computer? For the number of students on that campus, most of the libraries and computer rooms are deserted compared to other campuses. I bet these hackers drive students away. That is probably why they need a 40 man police force on that campus, to protect all the hackers up there and the stupidity that flourishes.

"Before I was born the Lord called me. From my mother's womb He has made mention of my name." (Is. 49:1) Since they knew I was coming, I was crushed by the dumkopfs in my mother's womb. I know this because I remember it happening. As a result of this, I have a protruding sternum, a chicken breast, whatever Hitler's Health Care calls it now. For the past year they have been dumping calcium chemicals on me relentlessly 24 hours a day, hundreds of tons, saying that it is harmless stuff like sulphur. Hypercalcemia with the resultant kidney stones is inevitable, for there is no way that the body can eliminate that much calcium; thus I am finding that more calcium chemicals result in excruciating pain while it doesn't seem to affect those around me. (Hos. 13:13; Mic. 4:9-10) Since toxicology is now a sham, Bush Daddy says that toxicologists are going to test each chemical on themselves to determine and reveal the symptoms and effects, for that is what toxicology is supposed to be about. Does toxicology support Hitler's Health Care? Do you know what they say about Hitler? "Hitler never touched anybody!"

Ref. Gone to Be a Soldier in the Army of the Lord! ****; Fools of Babylon *** 9/30; and Been Worshipping Stupidity, Heh?

Please notify me if your stupidity blooms again.

Purple monkey dishwasher.
Its that moronic cnut Bobby Meade pounding his two brain cells together to keep them warm. Loathe him or ignore him, you can't like him.
This is good stuff, much better than casualty, i'm not surprised its been stolen 14 times it's rivetting although a few more incoherant paragrphs and some violent ranting would liven things up a bit.Keep up the good work.
Dear sis,
Thank you for last night. The way you rode my shaft and licked the man juices off the tip was exceptionally good. Much better than mother. I am very proud of you.

Your brother

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