Letter To Mr Trinder

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BanjoBill, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. And Mr Trinder is...........
  2. Mrs Trinder's husband?
  3. Follow das link above.
  4. A failed opportunity methinks: mile high club AND necrophiliacs annonymous
  5. Much as I hate defending anyone who can afford to spend £4000 on a seat I have to take his side.

    The doris was dead - put her in the hold/ bog/ overhead locker.

    Sensitive to the dead woman? She can't complain.
    Sensitive to the relatives? - fair one.
    Sensitive to the poor guy sat next to said corpse? - feck off.

    I'd kick off too if I was in his shoes.
  6. Damn, spent too much time looking for the link, you beat me to it.
  7. Imagine our Grans surprise, in the middle of the Okey-kokey, Legless after her tenth Grand Marnier and babysham, to be bundled into sack dragged up to business class and stuffed into seat in a sack next to some screaming ponce. She was, of course, completely mortified. British Airways trolley-dollys - bunch of c*nts I wreckon.

    It wouldn't have happened if her Jack had been alive!
  8. If I had paid £4k for a seat I reckon I would also have been a little p1ssed to find they had turned the place into a temporary morgue. As stated on the other thread what was wrong with the crews quarters. Jack twa ts.

    Being as my sister has been an air hostess with BA for 10+ years I have a reasonable understanding of what a 'useless, moronic bunch of self centred arseh0les they actually are'.
  9. The crews quarters were full of corpses. Something to do with the new corporate catering policy. Low cost Fare for budget travellers.

    Botulism in a bag I say!
  10. crew quarters were full of all the booze, fags etc. That they had pilfered from the duty free trolleys.

  11. The male trolley dollys were probably pulling a train there. "A Morrocan express train" to be exact.
  12. I have to say it would p*ss me off to have some stiff shoved under my nose too, especially if I had paid silly money for a ticket.
  13. It's BA.

    High prices, low expectations.