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This has been sent from the AG to the director general of the BBC. There is someone up there trying to get the best deal for both the soldiers in the video and those on duty in Iraq.

Sorry for the sh1te formatting, it didnt rip out of PDF that well:

From: Lieutenant General F R Viggers CMG MBE
Adjutant General's Command

Mr Mark Thompson
Director General
Room Mc4D1
White City Media Centre
201 Wood Lane
W12 7TQ 17th February 2006

Dear Mr Thompson,

In my capacity as the Army’s Principal Personnel Officer I asked Brigadier Colin Findlay,
Commander of the Royal Military Police to telephone John Williams on Monday night about
the ongoing RMP investigation into the allegations made by the News of the World on
Sunday 12th February 2006. We urged him not to show the faces of any soldiers with
possible links to the investigation in your news programmes, because this would create a
significant risk to their personal security at home and when deployed. Such action could
also undermine any disciplinary action that is to follow, and prejudice the rights of any
soldier to a fair hearing.
You made a deliberate decision to reject our request and to remove the soldier’s anonymity
from early Monday evening onwards. I am told that this was on the grounds that your
organisation felt that exposure was in the public interest and that any risk to those exposed
was a matter for the Army to manage. We will now see how matters develop, but the lack
of awareness shown by your people about the risks our servicemen and women face
through public exposure at this time disturbs me a great deal.
Yours sincerely,

signed FR Viggers
I've seen more than one letter from LTG Freddie Viggers to the media recently. I'm sure there's more than just him 'up there' looking for the forces safety.. It's just that the most important ones are usually the ones who don't go out of their way to particularly show support.

With that said, I can't believe the tw@ts at the BBC!
There has been talk on BBC radio about getting those involved in publishing articles that put soldiers at risk charged under certain laws. I totally agree. In most cases the papers are only after selling more copies they should be brought to account for there actions.

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