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Hi all,

I have a difficult personal situation currently where I need to resign from my job in order to look after the missus and little one (3 months old). I was hoping the literary genii on Arrse could give my resignation letter a once over to see if it is acceptable?

Please feel free to make any comments / changes.


Dear Insert bosses name here;

I have a big problem that I need to inform you all of. I have spoken to the doctors today and insert the missus name here isn't going to be out of the hospital for at least another 3 weeks as she needs subsequent operations and due to her awkward medical history they want to keep her under observation for as long as possible. This means she won’t be back on her feet and able to look after insert the little ones name here until February at the earliest.

This obviously puts me in a very difficult position and I think there is only one way I can do the right thing and look after my family which is to resign from insert company name here with immediate effect so I can spend the necessary time with both insert family name here.

I've come to this conclusion as I can take mortgage breaks late this year and early next year and therefore should be able to spend the 100% of my time that is required at home with them. In insert bosses name here email he asked me to let you all know as soon as possible if my situation changes and unfortunately it has. I wish you every success in finding an adequate replacement for me so you are able to continue maintaining your customer’s needs.

Thank you for being so understanding on this matter and for giving me the opportunity to work with you all at insert company name here.


What do you Arrsers think?

I think that, if you like your job, you should check on the legal position regarding temporary absence etc. I'm pretty sure that if you were female and had to look after kids then there would be some requirement to keep your job open. Does your firm have a Carers' policy? Patr time ?

Don't rush into leaving unless you are going to pretend to be a refugee and need a big house in Ealing or on the Edgeware Road.


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Seems good enough to me but do you have to leave your job ?

Can you ask for extended leave due to extenuating cuircumstances even if it is unpaid ?

Are you owed any leave - inwhich case you should take it before departing the company and therefore be paid for it.

Do they have a welfare/compassionate leave category into which you fit.

If you have explored considered all of this, forgive me, but my advice is don't burn your bridge until all options have been explored.

Good luck.
As the others have said, can you apply for 2 months of unpayed leave? If the firm like you, then you would think that they would play ball?


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Good letter - but as the previous poster said - Have you checked out your position - AFTER dust has settled ?

Good Luck !!

I wish to submit this my applcation for leave of abbsense if pos. ect dont go burning any boats your boss might be a good bloke
Does your company have a welfare programme, many large companies do

If not just make an appointment for a chat with the person in charge of HR and put the ball in their court, outline the issue and ask how they can help.
meridian said:
Does your company have a welfare programme, many large companies do

If not just make an appointment for a chat with the person in charge of HR and put the ball in their court, outline the issue and ask how they can help.
I agree. Chat with HR, they know all the ins-and-outs of employment law, and may be able to help you without you having to resign.

Failing that, the letter certainly looks up to scratch.

Good luck, and I hope all goes well for you and the familly.



To reiterate what others have said, I think that resignation may be a little premature and perhaps "using a sledgehammer to crack a nut" in the circumstances, especially given the compassionate nature of your circumstances. You may be able to apply for the leave on the basis of childcare requirements, rather than wife-care?

Hope that Mrs N gets better soon.


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Thank you all for your replies. Allow me to elaborate a little on my position.

The company I work for is very small, 3 sales men 2 helpdesk and 1 engineer (me). We cover the whole of the UK and some of Europe and I am constantly on the road (I do about 2000 miles a week) and there is no cover for me (even when I am on holiday). I have been told I can have a week's "compassionate leave" but no more and this has forced my hand a little. To be totally honest I don't love the job and could happily start a career all over again given an opportunity.

More over I don't even have a signed contract of employment and I have been there over 6 months which has lead me to feel very insecure in my position regardless of how "important" I am there as they would simply subcontract the work to other engineers (as they did in the past before I joined).

My primary concern, obviously, is my family and I'm lucky enough to be financially stable enough to take a couple of months off without pay which helps so resigning isn't the end of the world if that makes sense.


Thanks for the further detail there Jimmy. Obviously, family comes first.

For reference, before taking the steps described, how's the job market in your profession? If it's fairly good then you'd have no problem in being able to take the steps that you're proposing.
Also get in touch with RBL wellfare, you are intitled to all sorts of support but if you dont try you dont get


Go and have a chat first, explain the situation and see if they can meet you in the middle.

If not, then just write a letter of resignation stating that for personal reasons you wish to leave the company.

But do have a look at the current economic climate before you post it.

Think about "I can take mortgage breaks late this year and early next year" Your mortgage insurance people might get a bit snotty if they were to see this. They would then re-hash all the alternatives suggested here and even if you beat them, you have had all the hassle.

If there are any redundencies in the offing - could you line up for one of them? Not as a volunteer obviously.

Best wishes to you and missus anyway.


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Thanks for your help all. I'm going to go and have a chat with the MD later today and hopefully we can sort something out.

OldRedCap: Good call mate, I think I'll edit that bit out. ;)

Once again, thanks for everyones help.



To be honest mate and pleasse don't take offence as none is intended, the letter isn't that great and for what my opinion may be worth here, a letter in these circumstances may be inappropriate and your boss may feel a bit let down that you haven't discussed the matter with him personally (I know I would feel a bit hacked off if you stuck that in the intrenal mail having seen me on a daily basis). As another poster said, if you like your job, you may not need to leave. You must also think ahead when you apply for other jobs. The reason for your resignamtion although honest, may not sit very well with the HR Dept of your next intended employer.

In short mate, go and knock on his office door and ask if you and he can sit down for 20 minutes. Explain the situation, have a 'solution' to hand which would suit both you an your employer and put it on the table. Be prepared to negotiate, but bare in mind who pays the wages. A little bit of respect and recognition will go a long way to help your case and may generate a compassionate response from your boss. If he values you as a worker, he'll not want to lose you. Sit down with him, talk it over and aim for an agreeable solution. You should also bare in mind that you've a kid to feed and you are going to need an income. Everyone will understand your primary concerns and if your boss is a family man, he may very well sympathise with your situation and look to see how far he can help you above what you may be hoping for. February isn't that far off. Best of luck with it.
If you live in wales let me know cos RBL Wales owe me a big one over a recent piece in the local papers, I know how you feel as I had same prob with my mum.your not on your own mate.
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