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Letter of introduction


i'm a CO drain sniffer, could you please send me a copy so i can spot what lazy b'stards are being posted to my unit :thumright:
See below for example template, however the rules are, fits one page, give all the facts and take the chance to make the right impression before you even get to start work, This was the last one I sent so I have left in bits as an example.


HQ SO1 Post



I have the honour to report that I have received a posting order instructing me to report to UNIT by a latest reporting date of DATE. I have been instructed to take up post as the POST within the SUB UNIT.

I will be carrying out my tour of duty accompanied by my wife FIRST NAME, who at present is a ***** working in FILL OUT AS REQUIRED, and my two children NAMES who are excitedly looking forward to living abroad.

At present I am the POST coving ***********. During my time in this post several major changes have taken place, including the introduction ******************, all of which I have been closely involved with. Prior to this, I served as the ******** at ****** working with the UNIT and several UNIT controlling *** FILL OUT AS REQUIRED BE BRIEF, BUT BIG YOURSELF UP

I have wide operational experience serving in the ***********and *******, including several ********** missions, an area in which I have training in ****************. I hope my previous experience and additional specialist qualifications in ******* and ****** will hold me in good stead and make me a valuable team member within the POST. AGAIN YOUR CHANCE TO IMPRESS

I enjoy all types of adventure training and, if time permits look forward to improving my skiing and climbing interest. Both my wife and I are also highly committed to the military community and look forward to expanding our circle of friends and being involved in the garrison’s social activities. EXPAND ON YOU PERSONALITY HERE

It is my intention to arrive in COUNTRY TOWN by the DATE and take over a service families quarter, address yet to be confirmed. I genuinely look forward to meeting you and hope to provide a positive contribution to your command.

I have the honour to be,
Your obedient servant

Good one.Seems just like a letter my RSM received in the late 60s.He showed it to me,and I suggested that he posted it outside his office,which he did,for a short while.The writer turned out to be an excellent soldier(ex airborne type),with a great sense of humour!! Was it Biscuits AB???

Biscuits_AB said:
Try this:

Dear Nobby,

I just couldn't believe it when I found out that you were an RSM! F*ck me! Remember when we used to slap you around the gun park? That day when Dinger Bell put you in that locker and left you overnight. You have to admit, that was funny. BTW, I've an admission to wasn't Dinger who p*ssed in your boots mate, it was me! (hahaha). Those were the days weren't they? Have you put on any weight? You were a skinny little runt back then. Who was that local bird that you were sh*gging when we were in Colly? She'd been ridden more times than the QMs bike that one. I remember seeing her crawling out of the accommodation on a regular basis back then. Must have a box like a clowns pocket. I often wonder what happened to her? Some Tom probably married it.

Anyway mate, I'm over on the 20th of next month, so get that one down in your diary and we'll head out for a few wets.

What's the CO like? I heard that he was doing the Adjt? Is she fit?

All the best



They should be handwritten.......get a grip, its tradition. Anyone who thinks not, then I hope you're not the sort who com.plains about traditions in the Mess eroding due to all the pesky youngsters.

By the way, you should also use a nice fountain pen, none of those Banner biros
Yer all behind the times. Copy this and save it for future reference:

Dear Colonel (name)

I am about to be posted tour regiment (etc) and would like to know the following:

a. Will my mobile phone work in the camp?
b. Do you apply or allow the archaic practice of making bed blocks?
c. Does the RSM / SSM have a megalomania problem and give people illegal extras?
d. What will be my working hours - will I be expected to do unnofficial duties (that are are illegal, by the way), like mess steward?
e. Can I have an allocated car parking space for my Vauxhall Astra?
f. What is the earliest I can take a months leave?

Your prompt answers will be much appreciated and I can tell you that my g/f is looking forward to moving into married quarters. Can we have a house rather than a flat as she has problems getting the triplets up and down stairs in their pram.

I'll be there on Monday after ten as its a long way from Chatham.

Yours fraternally