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letter of intro

help required please i am a senior cpl just been promoted therefore understand i now become a small fish in the big pond again lol, what should be included in my letter of intro to my new RSM

dont want to be to brown nosey, but equaly want to make good impression ,as obviously as the nig snco im going to cop for all the shit jobs and this is the man who decides how many week end duties i get .

all advice accepted either funnies or serious

ps im posted to an engineer regiment.
The usual format is along these lines;
1. Career history, to include Tours/Previous Postings and Qualifications, only mention the Quals that will benefit your new post. If you have been fragged recently on tours get this point across, many Trawls go to the new blood in the Regt, unfair but true.
2. Family details, ages and names of all members. OC's love to know the wifes/girlfriends name before you arrive.
3. Personal interests, scout leader/Regt footy player blah blah.
4. Summary, give them the usual bullshit of looking forward to serving in such a prestigous Regt (Not arsse licking too much though!)

I Would send you a few of my old ones but I'll keep my OPSEC tight!
I agree with MMS, but I confess that I sometimes wonder why we write these letters. Of course it is "correct form" to introduce yourself, but all my previous CO's have called me in on the first few days for a chat anyway.

I would certainly say don't make it too long - 3 paragraphs with brief career history (but don't swing the lantern), family circumstances and perhaps what you feel you can bring to the regiment/battalion.

The replies I received range from no reply, to a three page letter outlining the COs plan for the battalion for the forthcoming year, and the part he sees me playing in it (with diagram annex!)
madpad_01 said:
How wound you address the letter if you already know the RSM, as he is same Bn as me, but he is now a different unit.???????
By using his Rank Appointment and Name, above his address and starting the letter with Sir, unless you are of the same rank.
ChickVonFlick said:
I agree with MMS, but I confess that I sometimes wonder why we write these letters. Of course it is "correct form" to introduce yourself, but all my previous CO's have called me in on the first few days for a chat anyway.
As ever it is one of those things where people may not always notoce if you do it, but sure as hell notice if you don't!
There used to be a form of letter called a DO (Demi Official) that was perfect for that, don't know if it's still in JSP 101

come to that I don't know if there still is a JSP 101
See below for an example intro letter,

As a SNCO you should write to the CO, OC and RSM. Phone your new SSM to introduce yourself. Dont send the same letter, The CO and RSM may check them against each other. Call the RSM Sir unless you are a WO1 then call him Dear RSM unless you know him then use first names.

From: Warrant Officer Class 1 RANK IN FULL, NAME, CORP



I have the honour to report that I have received a posting order instructing me to report to UNIT by a latest reporting date of DATE. I have been instructed to take up post as the POST within the SUB UNIT.

I will be carrying out my tour of duty accompanied by my wife FIRST NAME, who at present is a ***** working in FILL OUT AS REQUIRED, and my two children NAMES who are looking forward to living in TOWN NAME.

At present I am the POST (Write a full paragraph here of your current job..Then talk about your last job as well). ie Prior to this, I served as the Training Warrant Officer at Depot working with the UNIT and several UNIT controlling *** FILL OUT AS REQUIRED BE BRIEF, BUT BIG YOURSELF UP

I have wide operational experience serving in the Balkans, Middle and Far East, including UN missions, an area in which I have training in NBC, First Aid ect ect . I hope my previous experience and additional specialist qualifications in QUALS HERE will hold me in good stead and make me a valuable team member within the POST. AGAIN YOUR CHANCE TO IMPRESS

I enjoy all types of adventure training and, if time permits look forward to improving my skiing and dogging habit. Both my wife and I are also highly committed to the military community and look forward to expanding our circle of friends and being involved in the garrison’s social activities. EXPAND ON YOU PERSONALITY HERE

It is my intention to arrive in COUNTRY TOWN by the DATE and take over a service families quarter, address yet to be confirmed. I genuinely look forward to meeting you and hope to provide a positive contribution to your command.

I have the honour to be,
Your obedient servant

Signature by hand in black ink


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