Letter from TV Licencing threatening house vist - best way to have fun with them?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jim30, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. Mrs Jim and I live in a converted victorian house, which is now turned into two flats. Both flats share the same address and there is no distinction between them (e.g. top/bottom flat or flat A/B No XXX Road) and we share a front door We also own a TV licence and pay by direct debit.

    Today a random letter appeared out the blue from TV licencing threatening a visit as there was no TV licence present. The thing is though that it was adressed to 'Flat B XXX Road', which is not an address either of our flats has. We assume downstairs has a licence given no 'angry letters to say you've not got a licence' have ever turned up at the address before, which they are usually good at.

    From a serious perspective, given they've sent it to an address which doesnt technically exist, how can they conduct a visit, or issue proceedings against an address? Also if they do start to be difficult, can potential action have any impact on my own flats credit or other ratings?

    If they do turn up, is there anything I can say or do to really wind the little ******* up, as I utterly despise them (something to do with them harrassing my grandfather for not paying his TV licence due to his having the audacity to die several months previously and their ignoring plenty of reminders to that effect) and want to annoy them as much as possible.

    Any ideas on what I can do, both seriously and also to have some fun with the scum?
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  2. Barring a search warrant, NO ONE can enter your house without your permission, nor can they force you to comply. Play dumb and act guilty and see where they take it.
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  3. Jim, from your post it would appear that you are completely in the clear from every angle.

    So however you wish to have a bit of fun with these *******, I would propose fire. Lots of fire.
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  4. Ignore it. They may turn up, but you have a licence - problem over.
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  5. I know we are in the clear - on a vaguely serious note I just want to make sure that any hassle doesnt impact on our credit rating etc, particularly trying to get the fuckwits to accept that there is no such address as Flat B which could be a challenge.

    I just wonder what I can do if I have the joy of meeting them and really really annoying them and winding them up because I really, really dislike them.
  6. Ignore it, or send an apology to them and a cheque made out to 'the BBC paedophile employment fund'
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  7. I stand corrected. He better hope his drains aren't backed up like Dennis Nilsens gaff.
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  8. Nowt to do with your credit file or credit rating.
  9. Unless you are silly enough to actually admit you are watching telly without a licence (or invite them in while said evidential telly is on in the corner of the room), there is absolutely nothing they can do. If you have a licence, and there is no separate entrance to the other "flat", they cannot show there is even a separate household in existence.

    Unless you wish to amuse yourself by following the recommendations on this (anti-licencing) website, then just bin the letters.

    Tips for Avoiding TVL/BBC harassment
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  10. Someones bought a telly and given the address as theirs
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  11. On the contrary, what he says he SAW is most definitely admissible as evidence, and if he heard (or can see) what sounds like a working telly, this can be presented to a JP as part of a request for a search warrant. If, when the plods have smashed your door in because you weren't within earshot of the door, you have a working telly which is set up to receive real-time broadcast transmissions, you will be summonsed.
  12. Own a property on a neighbouring island. Terrestrial Tv signal does not exist so no tv, however that has not stopped the tv licence nazis from sending the usual barrage of very threatening letters. I dont tell them and they are unlikely to ever send anyone out there, however by so doing letters are sent every six weeks or so. The way I look at it is that it Keeps postie in a job whilst wasting their resources.
  13. A Television can be used to watch DVD/Video as well as RECORDED TV programmes (I really mean something like IPlayer). The onus is on the TV Licensing authority to prove to a court that you were caught using it to watch or recieve/record LIVE Broadcast or that other devices (Mobiles PC's) were being used to watch Live Broadcast, without a broadcast receiving license being held for that property.
    Incidentally in these modern times of Digital broadcasting, you can listen to radio broadcasts on your TV through Freeview, listening to radio no longer requires a license.
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  14. although watch when they send round a captata bloke dressed like a copper to make you think hes a copper to gain entry to your house