Letter from HM Revenue & Customs

Just received a letter from HM Revenue & Customs, as I no doubt several hundred other ARRSErs did, apologising for the cock up in losing those data discs, funny bit is, these clowns who put a couple of data discs containing the NI numbers, addresses and bank account details of 25 million people in the normal post which then got lost have the nerve to say in the letter:

"Do not give out personal or account details if anyone contacts you unexpectedly"

No need to give any details out, some buggers already got them thanks to HMRC.

Also Like the end paragraph:

"All efforts are being made to ensure that such a loss can never happen again"

Also no need, I'm sure that if they have fallen into the hands of some dodgy type then it will have been copied enough times for the entire criminal fraternity of the UK to have one each, therefore ruling out the need to ring anyone for bank account and NI details in order to go about a spot of identity theft ever again.
I think it is safe to assume that your bank details are on their way to Bulgaria.
Someone told me they had received the 'letter.' In it, alongside the grovelling excuses were his:

Full Name - ok
Address - yup
all Bank account details - :?:
NI number :!:

Together with a request for it all to be checked! Well bugger me. Of course, on discovering they got it wrong you would immediately contact them and inform them of their error, after all, we wouldn't want them missplacing inncorrect details in future :roll:

Amusing also that, having tried their best to violate your financial security, they give it one last(?!) go with a letter full of your details in open mail.

:evil: :evil:


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meh. My favourite statement from this whole sorry episode?

"Anyone losing money as a result of HMRC losing 26 million IDs will be fully compensated"

By HMCR one assumes?

Anyone care to remind me where HMCR gets their money from? I forget.

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