Letter from 1st Secy for UK ambassador to US abt Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Aug 22, 2009.

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  1. http://www.worldpoliticsreview.com/articlePrint.aspx?ID=4212
  2. See that Simon Shercliff, that's him, that is!!

  3. Here is David Axes original article, whilst his subsiquent dribble can be found here.

    Just another reason for not goingto these sites.
  4. Confusing thread title. I thought that the First Secretary 'Pretty 'oh I'm so sore' Peter Mandelson had been really brave and written a letter.

    However, as this missive was written by a functionary of the Mandelson administration, I do not believe a word of it. Nor, I suspect, will the Americans.
  5. 'Sorry for confusion-I hope my edit makes it better.
  6. Colonel you may not be familiar with our game of soccer. But every season the Chairman of a football club states that his manager has his complete confidence. A few weeks later the manager is fired! Unfortunately what our Foreign Office write in a letter today has very little bearing on what we will do tomorrow. The phrase "we are committed" is Zanu-NL speak for "we would like to tell the electorate we are in favour of this but we might not manage it just yet".
  7. Message received and understood DD. You have observed one of those universal truths about politicians most everywhere unfortunately. In fact if I heard that and was in some way dependent on it, I would start looking for the back door. The US said much the same thing to the poor Hungarians in 1956.
  8. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    RE: Axe Job
    Difficult to argue with Axe's snide critique of the UK mission in Iraq - even if I don't like the way he words it. But to state that this is a foretaste of things in Afghan in hardly on target: The outcome of any given war is not predicated on the outcome of the war preceding it. And as the good sec notes in his rebuttal, one lives and learns. Well....hopefully.

    RE: US Troops in Helmand
    A key problem with this op has been too much terrian, too few boots; too much clear, not enough hold. With the US deploying bayonets into Helmand alongside us,that problem is some way to being solved. And with the US Marines being America's best light infantry, they will set a competitive standard for our battlegroup.

    RE: Richard Norths latest
    I had some respect for Richard North as an analyst and for his chiding the government to provide the right support. But he seems increasingly to be a defeatist: One gets the impression that he is almost hoping for an ignominious end to the UK's Afghan op just to prove his predictions correct.

    RE: Lack of Public Support
    While the UK public may not support the war, I can't think of another time, bar a few brief months in 1982, when there was so much respect and support for HM forces. If the next government can leverage this public sentiment to increase spending on the forces and generally muscle up our commitment in Afghan - while also explaining War 101 to the general public (ie that conflicts do, in fact, incur casualties), we would have a far better chance of a successful outcome.

    All we need then would a strategy, and Robert's yer Dad's uncle...
  9. This is a very perceptive statement and one that so many nations' militaries and politicians usually fail so miserably to understand.
  10. It feels more and more like the US want Britain to fail and have done little to toe the party line in the UK. With constant criticism on Force size, poor equipment, political and public willingness to support the fight (they already support the services well the public do). We have been branded as the US lapdog all round the world for showing support to the US on their War on Terrorism and it is your war, we faced our War for years with no support from the US in fact the major funding for that War came through the US.

    We have had tons of back door briefings from some very senior US officers on every thing from poor tactic through to how dirty the boys are in FOBs with little if any washing water, due to the fact with limited resources ammunition takes priority over washing water. I think the point I am so poorly trying to make is if you keep kicking the dog don’t be surprised when he doesn’t come home for dinner.
  11. While I can't speak for the current administration, if you mean US military leaders want the UK to fail I think you are mistaken and I would not accept at face value the reports to which you refer about US commanders conferring with their UK counterparts.
  12. Not just this article but a number of others posted over the last few weeks have left me with this opinion. JJ on a personal note can I just say it has been a pleasure reading your posts nice to see a balanced view from across the Pond some of your country men on here can give a rather bad impression of the US