Letter bomb expodes in Victoria

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Feb 5, 2007.

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  1. I feared the worst when i read the title, luckily it seems as though no-one has been killed, only one person injured and i wish her a speedy recovery.

    Remeber how the tube bombings where first reported as power-outages on the lines?
  2. Yep, know about them i was caught up in them. Sadly now it comes as no surprise i was more surprised that the letter bomb was that minor. Unfortunately its a sign of the times and living in London we have become (as much as one can) used to all this. I wish the lady a speedy recovery but fear it won't be too long till we have another, lets just hope no one gets hurt.
  3. The device was sent to Capita, the company that collects the Congestion Charge for London and operates TV Licencing for the BBC, amongst other things.

    The list of suspects is likely to be very long.
  4. Is that 50 Windsor House? I know transport for london are in that building. My father used to work in that building before Transport for London decided they needed the entire thing.
    How he's just down the road, same building as Tory Head Office unfortunately for him.
    However, he's not there today, which puts the mind at ease.

    A letter bombing campaign? Why target innocent people? No matter what a company does, and in this country it really can't be *that* terrible, what the hell did that woman ever do to deserve being injured?

    People are beyond belief at times.

    Wishing a speedy recovery to the woman injured, and castration/female circumcison to the perpetrator
  5. What would you rather?

    That they announced that bombs were being detonated on the underground and risked a mass of people rushing to clamber out of there.....or announce a power surge and get everyone out calmly (albeit moaning their heads off)?

    The power surge angle was due to confusion and to get everyone out of the underground without causing mass hysteria.

    I fail to see how that compares to a letter bomb going off today, the effects of which is minute in comparison to the tube bombings.
  6. I work just round the corner from where that letter bomb went off and it's absolute chaos! We have been told not to use the lifts, to close all blinds and not to go near the windows. Plus there are loads of police, ambulance and fire engines on the scene - and all this for a letter bomb!

    Bomb disposal have also turned up. I'll give them a special wave from all on aarse!
  7. Im in Victoria too - and I've seen nowt
  8. Victoria Street.

    Some of the emergency services have gone, but quite a few are still about.
  9. Ah, I'm Buckingham Palace Road, so missed it - what with being at the posh side and all that. :)
  10. someone works near by? Blim me but I used to work in that building. What a lucky escape I have had, as I was last in there not four years ago. I must have an angel or something...
  11. Fair one, i agree with reporting it as outages to keep the other public away, but the people already on the system, wouldn't have access to television / internet (possibly radio as well, not sure if you can get FM reception in the tunnels) therefore the use of misinformation such as that would not help the people already on the trains. (Did i just say that twice?)

    The effects of the tube bombings were devasting, and terrible, but there is a comparison in that it is an act of terror, designed to cause disruption by death / injury.

    Im not having a go mate, i just don't like seeing London getting twatted.
  12. The only Angel you ever had in your life Cuddles was the Angel Delight that you scoffed rather too much off when you were a kid.
  13. Me neither.

    I was on the underground at the time of the bombings and I can assure you that when we were being evacuated, had they told us what had really happened there would have been chaos down there. It was bad enough getting thousands of people out when we thought it was a power surge.....telling us the truth would have been a disaster.

    As for the misreporting to those not on the underground, well to be fair mate - the exploding bus about 10 mins later would have put paid to any misconceptions about what was going on.

    I don't think it was a deliberate attempt to mislead people, but London was not exactly prepared for that to happen and I for one do not have a problem with how it was handled in the initial stages.
  14. surely then they should have said straight away that the brazilian de Menezes chap was just an innocent, rather than saying he was a suicide bomber, in order to minimise panic :)