Letter Bomb at DVLA 7 Feb 06

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bat_Crab, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. BBC News

    So it's a disgruntled driver then...
  2. probably more bombs on the way to the council parking department, NCP carpark HQ and Norwich Union but all lost in the Royal Mail sorting office...
  3. Yup, if you ever wanted to letter-bomb the PO, you'd just have to make the device feel like a CD-case or a cheque book.....
  4. the really sad thing is anyone who has receieved a speeding ticket from a speed camera probably feels some empathy with the sad deluded git perpitrarting such acts! What a mad world we live in as they got them for breaking the law in the first place!!

    By the way I say deluded as this tw*t is attacking the tools rather than the policy makers - lost the plot a bit there me thinks! Not going to influence much that way - still they probably feel better getting rid of all that frustration. Of course now anyone who got a ticket in at least the last 12 months is immediately a suspect - ouch I must go check my diary!


  5. Now all speeding motorists are under suspicion. They may be arrested and held under anti-terror laws. For thirty days-John Reid is also looking to extend this to ninety days without charge. So if you've ever had a ticket the armed response unit may be crashing down your front door and shooting you in your home or your head or your chest.

    If your innocent then they may be able to prove your a child molester, or might just accuse you of it anyway to restore their credibility.

    On a lighter note-if we all sent bombs to the people who pissed us off.
    Then my ex-wife would get one, the bloke who abused me as a child would get one. In fact there would be a long list of people who would be on my gift list. Point being if you break the law you shoulder the blame-you don't shift the blame to other people who have got fck all to do with your gripes.

    Oh and one more thing-having given first aid to a five year old little fella who was hit in my street by a speeding driver and later died from head injuries-if you don't want a ticket-SLOW FCKING DOWN.
  6. on an even lighter note , Gentlemen I present the RPG speed camera, no paperwork ,no saftey camera partnerships just an armouror.

  7. I bought a indago Satnav And for an additional £4.99 a month (free for the 1st 6 months) it tells you where the speed cameras and likely locations for mobile traps are.

    So now you can speed (Allegedly) and slow down for the cameras in good time, afterall - the cameras are only in Accident blackspots (Allegedly) meaning everywhere else must be (by default) safe to speed :)

  8. Well at least the terrorists are getting a little closer to the real enemy, DVLA today blair tomorrow (with any luck)
  9. So this is John Reid's Reichstag fire then?
  10. The News at One is reporting that there have been seven letter bombs in three weeks. Didn't give a list of targets delivered to yet though
  11. should have got a garmin like i got the missus for xmas, it was included in the price :)

    subscription my ass.
  12. He or she would have got more support if he'd blown up the cameras etc not the poor plebs who open letters.

    He'll get a hefty sentence when he's caught I imagine.
  13. Im not a suspect, Im a good boy, I keep the speedlimit. Not me guvner....
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The sentiment is just fine (ooh a pun).

    We all hate parking wardens, we all hate local councils for their cynical money-grab that is speed cameras and restricted parking and most of us have had to pay an ever increasing sum of money for the privelage of parking on a road that our road tax should allow us to anyway.

    I'm all for burning speed cameras, though it is a little self-defeating because we, the taxpayers pay to replace them.

    It has been suggested (in certain quarters) that the people to go after are those that vote in local councils to install these systems, those people that agree to cut the number of parking spaces at the same time as agreeing to charge for parking in the ones that are left. The are people making money out of these systems too.

    These people drive cars themselves and have valuable property (so the suggestion goes) and we, the taxpayer wouldn't have to pick up the tab.

    I for one would never suggest our countenance such action because it is both moraly and legally wrong.

    Edited for spelling.
  15. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I bet she was delighted... no doubt that went along with the power tools you bought her as a wedding present and the Black & Decker workmate for her birthday.