Letter About Gurkhas In Tonights Shropshire Star

And I quote:

"Cost Of Aid To Gurkhas

Joanna Lumley is vigorous in campaigning for Nepalese mercenaries to live in England at great cost. These people have been well paid and have pensions on retirement.
She and her wealthy sympathisers have not contributed to a fund for them, but are trying to off-load them on to the hard-pressed taxpayers of this country, who have more than enough debt.
E. R. Edwards

I've already fired off an email to the address below. I'm sure Johnny (and Joanna) would appreciate it if a few more could be sent.......



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Hmmm sounds like some Labour Party lickspittle trying to stir it up a little,the language and complete ignorance of all things military would point to that. I feel i shall respond, stand by to take a letter Mrs Jingo!
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