Lets talk mucus

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scrofula, Dec 28, 2008.

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  1. I've had this thing with snot for about 5 years now. Stuff like glazing putty. When you finally give your nose a blow it makes your ears pop and you feel ten years younger. Anyone else suffer from this?
  2. Yes.

    Every time it happens, I take a knife to my throat and kill myself. You should try it......
  3. I'm only asking because I've gadually noticed an enormous quantity of folk, particularly women, round here doing serious Louis Armstrong impersinations into hankies. Maybe it's a Central European thing.
  4. As this is the season of goodwill to all men, and I suppose that includes boys and even mlars, I won't tell you dear Snail to go forth and multiply with spiders.
  5. It depends what you will dress up in for me, you cheeky minx :wink:
  6. Scrof. I know a good shrink. He helped me but i think you would be beyond him.
  7. Dressing up? Would my dad's old SS mess kit suit?
  8. What do you call a white coat? A shrink wrap. As a matter of fact I used to teach the most eminent psychologist in Poland and he didn't run away. ....that often.
  9. You're not all there are you?
  10. Bits of me are sometimes
  11. How did you know there was a gang of us and it was coffee time anyway?
  12. Probably your nasal problems are down to the air quality in the area where you reside, as you're in Eastern Europe you're probably breathing in the equivalent of a 20Kg bag of cement a day.
    Try not breathing for several hours that should clear the problem up nicely.
  13. Good point about the air quality. You could be right. I'll have to consult my doctor about the other suggestion. Only trouble is every time I dial Shipman I get line disabled.
  14. Have you tried Joseph Mengele, he practiced some unorthodox medicine in your area. He may still be available.