Lets talk about the Conservative Leadership Campaign

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Vegetius, Oct 24, 2005.

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  1. Personally, I was a Liam Fox man because he apparently went out with Natalie Imbruglia. That really says it all about my day-to-day feelings about "The Natural Party of Government" (for whom I have voted in the past).

    Now we have "Dave" (yeah, right) and "David" (funny, eh, that the posh one wants to be called Dave and the horny-handed son of toil wants to be David). All the arguments have been rehearsed about their respective backgrounds but, really, I'd say it boils down to this: do the Tories become Communitarian, Statist, New Labour clones or do they remain Tories?

    Under Cameron the former, under Davis (presumably) the latter. Can anybody actually tell me what David Cameron does stand for, aside from a laid-back style and lots of hot air? I'm not much of a Davis man either, BTW, I think he lacks the necessary charisma for modern, facile politics but I'd narrowly prefer him to the coiffured one and his mendacious denials about enjoying Earthly pleasures.

    Thoughts, ladies and gentlemen? I'd like to see what some of our resident Conservatives think, and would a Cameron Govt. really put right some of the more common concerns one sees on ARRSE?


    (Ex-Tory voter, now abstainer until TCH makes it illegal)
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    David Cameron stands for: A Conservative Government with him as its leader and Prime Minister. Very much like Tony Blair, I suspect that he is most interested in policy areas that will enhance his personal popularity. Having said that, I would say exactly the same was true for Liam Fox and David Davies; Ken Clark was different, but his views are so out of step with the mainstream of the Conservative Party that he would have a hard time commanding anything other than a huge Tory landslide in the H of C, and I doubt that will be the outcome of the next election.

    The truth is... I know Cameron's wife, and she's a nice girl, and my wife has had political-professional dealings with 'Dave' and he's a nice enough guy, but his understanding of the issues she dealt with him on - Education as it happens - was superficial. Like TB, he's recently been talking about greater devolution of power to schools, but which problem will this solve? Not the big one, which is that most schools are still failing to deliver a better than mediocre education because they are poorly managed and their teachers are the dregs of the educational system...
  3. Until the Tories elect someone with a bit of charisma, youth, drive and some guts they haven’t got a donkey’s dick of a chance of shoeing TB/GB/Labour off the top. Lets face it since, since forever (MT) the Tories candidates for prime Minster have been a bit lackluster and only ever (In my eyes) appeal to the blue rinse brigade/rather dull middle classes than attempting to open up to the rest of the voting population. Whoever gets the job let’s hope he’s a bit more interesting than Mr. Wobbly head…..
  4. Personally, although I can see the appeal of Cameron, he reminds me far too much of TCB for me to want to back him.

    On the other hand, anyone who has the backbone and drive and to complete selection for 23 SAS has my undying respect. The fact that Mr Davis comes from a poor background (council estate I believe), only adds to my respect for him. Most especially as he will probably have had to contend with an environment which typically supports Labour and in addition to that, will doubtless have had to have wrestled with, and overcome, the snobbery of the Tory party he chose to join. (Not nearly so bad now, I am led to believe).

    For my money, there is little doubt that although Cameron is the more media friendly (and savvy) of the two, Davis is the man of substance with the policies that might actually not just appeal to the electorate, but make the changes promised.

    Unlike the current incumbents, who, 8 years in, are still announcing education policy changes as if they only to came to power following the most recent election!

    (By the way, does anyone know what Mr Davis' Defence policy is? Or, like every other politician/civvy, is it too un-important to bother with at this stage?)

    Whichever of the two wins, it is to be hoped that they can A. Actually lead the Tory party to election victory next time around and B. Actually do what they say early on - not do soundbite / spin politics and change nothing, whilst increasing the taxes for actually doing nothing!
  5. Cpl Ripper said it.
    Three failures in a row and now a fourth incomming.
  6. There is only one answer, and that is to roll the Saintly Maggie out of retirement, pump her full of Benzedrine and wire her up to a truck battery..
  7. Aye
  8. Bollox. Let's not.
  9. Well summed up that man!

    Liam Fox was (and is) a man of prinicple and policy!

    Davis is a rather boring individual (he gives out that impression) but has a decent set of tory policies and appears not to change his mind with the wind (pay attention tony!)

    Cameron in contrast appears to want to immitate the celestial navigator in his horrific soci-political experiment that is new labour. He is a slick, media savvy individual who knows how to appeal to the masses, but i fear that he will drag the tories towards the centre ground, upon which New Labour has so firmly planted their foundations. I dont think they have much chance of regaining the middle ground vote until blair is out of office, and when that happens it will be open season on greedy fifers! 8O
  10. David Davis all the way!